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Aiming to be a Da Vinci!
Creating entertainment with technology

Programming development
Toshiya Yui
Fourth Year, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering

In 2012, in an event to celebrate the completion of the work to restore the Tokyo Station building, a massive image was projected on the wall of that building, using projection mapping. Toshiya Yui was also in the crowd, giving a cry of joy on seeing this state-of-art technology.

Toshiya says, “I saw the potential of the fusion of technology, art, and entertainment.” And during the next academic year, he began to study programming on his own. After only a little over a year, the digital art and apps he has created have already earned him numerous awards and have been exhibited on many occasions. “After classes I’m engaged in tasks related to my research until 8:00 p.m. every day,” says Toshiya. “My mind is occupied around the clock with the work and research I’m working on. I quit my part-time job and club activities so I could absorb myself in the things I like during my days at university.” Now, he is devoted to creating a work for his individual research. The work, titled “Scalable Display of Substance by the Control of Floating Spheres” (photo), is designed to cause a huge work of 3-D art to materialize in the air, using numerous computer-controlled RC devices that can move small balls freely by the force of the wind.

“As a child, I dreamed of becoming a Santa Claus and an artist. Those peoples’ jobs may be unexpectedly close to what I’m doing now, in terms of making people rejoice and my creating everything from scratch. In the future, I want to be a person like Leonardo da Vinci who can contribute to a diversity of fields, using technology.”

Photography by Aya Watanabe


Toshiya Yui
Fourth Year, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering

Originally from Nagano, Toshiya Yui graduated from Hokuto City Koryo High School in Yamanashi Prefecture. He is a member of Tomoko Hashida Lab.(http://tomokohashida.tumblr.com) of the Department of Intermedia Art and Science. As a member of the Both Art and Programming Academy (BAPA), his work was showcased at the BAPA Exhibition held at Shibuya Hikarie in 2014. In the same year, his team, which consisted of Hashida Lab students, won both second and third prize in the Waseda University Application Contests, and Gra-Navi, an app they jointly produced with others, won first prize in the Rakuten Student Hackathon. The aforementioned individual research was chosen as one of the selected interactive presentations for the Interaction 2015, a symposium organized by the Information Processing Society of Japan.