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Pixar is not my only goal!
My goal is to fulfill all my dreams.

Shunsuke Saito

“If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither one.” Is this really true? Shunsuke Saito’s life goal is finding the answer to this question. He wants to try everything he is interested in and become the best at everything he does. Shunsuke seriously thinks this way.

At a talk event Vox vol.4 at FUCTORY. The guest was PHABLIC×KAZUI designer Kai Takizawa.

A few years ago, he did not really want to do anything; he was an unmotivated student just passing time. This all changed during his third year of college. He did an internship at a company and realized—to his horror—that he lacked experience compared to other students who were actively seeking employment. Therefore, he decided to take an entrepreneurship class. There he learned about successes and failures, and accumulated business knowledge. At the same time, he established an organization on a fashion business that he was interested in. He thought that having business cards with the title “representative” would make it easier to get appointments with businesses. Unexpectedly, his organization attracted many students and began full-fledged activities as the student group FUCTORY.

“There are many approaches available to us students,” said Shunsuke. His group organized talk events with creators working in the forefront of their fields as guests, and joint internship meetings for the fashion industry. Today he is considering incorporating his organization, and taking on special social projects. These projects are not the usual machi-kon matchmaking parties held at local bars and restaurants, but fuku-kon projects that take place in apparel shops—instead of F&B establishments—in local shopping districts with the aim of rejuvenating businesses there.

Shunsuke is majoring in computer graphics in his graduate program. When he was studying abroad at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), he was in a laboratory group in charge of the computer graphics for snow in the mega-hit movie, Frozen. In February of this year, he participated in the international engineering conference, LAUNCH Hackathon 2014, in San Francisco with engineers he became acquainted with in Silicon Valley. This is a business competition to come up with an idea, then create and make a presentation in just 3 days. Shunsuke's team created AddMeln, an application that enables easy photo processing, which was selected as a finalist from among 160 teams. The positive evaluation received at the conference led the team to establish a corporation, which is now distributing the application through the App Store free of charge. He has also concluded technical consultant contract with a US company and has been appointed the person in charge of sales for another business development in Japan.

“Staying in one place is stressful for me. I love so many things, and want to do them all.” One of Shunsuke’s dreams is to join Pixar Animation Studios and, as a researcher, produce the best creations there are for the world. Even if he fulfills this dream, there is no stopping him. “There is so much more I want to do, and I always give 100%. I don't know what I'll end up doing in the future. It’ll be interesting to see (laugh).” He is chasing not only two rabbits, rather five or six rabbits catching them all. So today, Shunsuke Saito gives his all to continue chasing what are seemingly unattainable goals.

At an international conference, Symposium on Computer Animation 2012, held in Switzerland

Reporting to Professor Shigeo Morishima at his office on the presentation made at Seyyer, a company located in Silicon Valley

His teammates for LAUNCH Hackathon 2014


Shunsuke Saito
Second Year, Master’s Program, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering

Originally from Chiba Prefecture, Shunsuke Saito graduated from Chiba Prefectural Higashi-Katsushika High School. He rarely has spare time, but when he does, he likes to collect records as relaxation from his busy schedule. He uses the records he has collected to practice his DJ moves. He sometimes uploads diary entries from his stay in the US on ZINE.