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Kanto Student Archery Federation MVP!
Aim to be the top student archery organization in Japan.

Mika Nomura

In 2012, Mika Nomura was selected as the Kanto Student Archery Federation MVP. Last year was the first year that Nomura was able to exhibit reliable performance throughout the year. Leading the Waseda to rank third in the nation at the All Japan Student Archery Women’s Championship (the Championship), Nomura has also been energetic as the club’s ace in team competitions. What exactly happened over this year?

“Last year I did a short term study abroad program at Korea National Sport University, which was a big turning point for me. I had a very stimulating time surrounded by many athletes competing at the level of Japan’s Olympic representatives and it really raised my consciousness. I have had no experience with the kind of coaching such athletes receive and done everything more or less my own way, so being able to receive the coaching with a completely open mind might also have been really significant. It is said that archery is the sport of repeatability. In archery, it’s important to take the same stance each time. My shooting stabilized while I studied abroad.”

The Waseda Archery Club has over 50 years of history. Under the watchwords of “team strength,” the club aims to conquer the men’s and women’s student archery championship (and be the top student archery organization in Japan).
©Waseda Sports Press

There’s a reason why Nomura had continued to do everything her own way until now. Although Nomura began archery as a junior high school student at Konan Girls’ Junior and Senior High School, she was forced to transfer schools halfway through her first senior high school year because of the job of one of her parents. However, there was no archery club at her new school, so Nomura devoted herself to training by herself. “When shooting outside, I utilized my experience and perception while reading the direction of the wind, repeatedly asking and answering my own questions. I felt a “depth” doing this and believed I could continue to compete even by myself.” Nomura spent many hours working on her archery alone during high school. She then followed Asami Ikeuchi (2013 School of Sport Sciences graduate), with whom she had appeared together at the national high school archery tournament and her senior in the archery club when she attended her original high school, and entered Waseda University.

Nomura was aiming for further heights in the next stage of her archery career, but having always entered individual tournaments since transferring high schools, Nomura was at somewhat of a loss when it came to the style of competing as a team characteristic of university archery. However, as Nomura had held on to the desire to compete with friends again throughout high school, her feelings towards team competition were also unusually strong. She was also supported by older club members who warmly watched over her growth, and Nomura gradually adapted to Waseda’s team ideology of attaining victory through the efforts of all club members. Nomura then helped the club achieve third place nationally at the Championship, where the top student archery organizations in Japan are determined.

“In my first year of high school Ikeuchi and I were runner’s up at the national tournament, but we lost in the finals because of me. I had continued to carry the bitterness of the moment in all the competitions I entered since. That’s why I wanted to be number one at the Championship no matter what. Although we ended up in third place, I was able to help the older members on my team leaving that year to cap their careers, and I feel like I recovered something then that I had lost at the high school tournament.”

A senior this year, Nomura was entrusted to be the women’s team leader by Ikeuchi. Of course, her goal is to be number one in Japan; in other words, victory at the Championship on June 23. Only three club members will participate, but Nomura will never forget competing together with all of the club members. We would definitely like to witness the sight of Nomura’s arrows, laden with so many memories, go straight through the bull’s eye.

Participants celebrating achieving third place, which is a tie with the highest ranking ever by the club, at the All Japan Student Archery Women’s Championship, a contest to decide the top student archery organization in Japan.
©Waseda Sports Press

At the Championship, participants aim at targets just 122 centimeters in diameter from a distance of 70 meters.
©Waseda Sports Press

Asami Ikeuchi guided Nomura to the Waseda Archery Club (far left).
©Waseda Sports Press


Mika Nomura
4th Year, School of Sport Sciences

Originally from Ishikawa Prefecture, Mika Nomura graduated from Kanazawa Sakuragaoka Prefectural Senior High School. Nomura began archery in junior high school after being introduced to the sport by a classmate. Last year, Nomura was selected as the Kanto Student Archery Federation MVP for the first time ever in the history of the Waseda Archery Club. Nomura serves as the women’s leader in the Archery Club.