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Sato Team of Moriguchi Seminar won the top prize at the Kanto Student Marketing Competition!

Takeshi Moriguchi Seminar Sato Team
Jun Sato (left)
Maki Arai (center)
Taichi Satoyoshi (right)

For students studying marketing in university, the Kanto Student Marketing Competition is their big moment to show off the results of research conducted over many long days before a huge crowd. Last year, Sato Team of the Takeshi Moriguchi Seminar in the School of Commerce was rewarded with the top prize at the Kanto 10 Seminar Debate, the former name of this competition that has been held for over 30 years.

Two other teams from Takeshi Moriguchi Seminar participated in the Kanto Student Marketing Competition in addition to the Sato Team. After the results were announced, they praised each other’s efforts.

53 teams from 12 universities in Kanto participated in the event. In order to achieve victory, teams must win all three of the presentations they make in addition to writing a group paper. Sato Team took on the theme “The Usefulness of Secondary Lines to Luxury Brands,” outlining a strategy for reviving the market for luxury brands, which has seen its size reduced by half. In preparation, Sato Team searched through and read relevant papers outside of their normal seminar activities and conducted a survey of approximately 1,000 people. An instructor of the seminar, Professor Moriguchi is usually very playful, but responds more empathetically when students face in earnest, according to the students. Under his guidance, the team’s six members worked together to create their paper and make sure there were no flaws in their presentation’s strategy.

Taichi Satoyoshi, in charge of the first half of the presentation, had the following to say about preparations for the event. “When we conducted an interim presentation in front of other teams from Moriguchi Seminar that would participate in the competition, listener response wasn’t very good. That’s when we decided to display the dialogue on the screen as speech bubbles and conduct our presentation like a rapid-fire comedy act, after which listener response changed dramatically.” Meanwhile, Maki Arai, in charge of the second half of the presentation, had the following to say when reflecting on their situation the day of the event. “The paper we submitted beforehand didn’t get very high marks, so we set our sights on catching up with our presentation. The number of attendees, over 300, made me nervous, but we had repeatedly watched and studied the videos taken during our interim presentation, so I was able to face the crowd with confidence.”

Although they shared the same goal and eventually received the top prize, Jun Sato, team leader, felt they weren’t able to pull together as a team at first due the demands of the team members’ clubs and activities. “I’m the kind of person who likes to jump in head first no matter what, but as the project developed, I entrusted what I didn’t need to do to my teammates and served as the overall coordinator. This helped my teammates to work independently and make full use of their strengths. I learned a lot about being a leader.”

By supporting team leader Sato, Satoyoshi also learned about what a leader should be like from a different angle. “I’ve worried about managing the club where I serve as a representative before, too, but watching Jun, I knew he was putting in more time and effort than anybody. I was reminded once again of how important it is to show that kind of enthusiasm in order to motivate teammates.” The group hasn’t just studied marking in their seminar.

Currently, three of them are searching for jobs to enter after graduation. “The experience of working together with teammates to accomplish something is a real asset for us. In the future, I hope to find a job where I can focus on the needs and wants of consumers,” says Arai. When they face difficulties out in the real world in the future, the experience they gained in Moriguchi Seminar will surely be of help.

Conducting careful analysis of the material so as not to waste the efforts of the people who helped with the survey.

Making a presentation that caught the attention of the judges from organizers such as Lion Corporation and Hakuhodo Inc.

Seminar training camp held last summer in Kamogawa. The camp is an irreplaceable memory for participants of their time at university.


Jun Sato (left)
(4th Year, School of Commerce)

Originally from Saitama, Jun Sato graduated from Waseda Jitsugyo High School. Member of the Scuba Diving Community student club. He spends his days diving in the ocean off Okinawa and Ogasawara.

Maki Arai (center)
(4th Year, School of Commerce)

Originally from Saitama, Maki Arai graduated from Saitama Prefectural Kawagoe Girls’ Senior High School. Her favorite food is sweet potatoes. She particularly recommends the famous “imokoi” cakes from her home area of Kawagoe!

Taichi Satoyoshi (right)
(4th Year, School of Commerce)

Originally from Tochigi, Taichi Satoyoshi graduated from Tochigi Prefectural Utsunomiya Senior High School. Watching a game of baseball at Jingu Stadium with a beer in one hand is his idea of bliss.