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Studying abroad to change his life!
Crossing borders with enthusiasm for American Football

Mr. Duffy Scott

American football is a sport where big guys purposely slam their bodies into each other. With an imposing frame of 190cm and 103kg, Duffy Scott is an overwhelming presence for the defense against opposing offenses in the frontline of the game called defensive position. Once away from the game, he talks to teammates with an innocent smile. Such a gap in character is very impressive.

"The fact I joined the Big Bears*1 is one of the best choices I made in my life," says Duffy smiling. "It is the best environment as I have good teammates and continue to play American Football that I love." He was born in California, USA, and started to play American Football at the age of eight. He always played football, along with lacrosse and basketball in junior and senior high school, but to his surprise, California State University, Chico, he entered didn't have any American Football team. He played lacrosse there but couldn't give up his love for American Football.

Sometimes, destiny brings about unexpected changes. When he was a junior, a friend said to him, "If you want to play football, why not do it in Japan?" Even before that, he was thinking of studying abroad, and with these words, he made up his mind to study in Japan. As California State University, Chico, is a member of the California State University system (CSU)*2, he decided to come to WASEDA as a one-year exchange student that had a partnership program with CSU.

He joined the team in the summer of 2007, practicing hard with his teammates. That fall, however, a shocking "event" occurred. After five overtimes, the Big Bears were beaten by Hosei University, losing the possibility to playing in the Koshien Bowl*3. "It really makes my blood boil," says Duffy. "It was a fantastic seesaw match to mutually test fighting spirits. I didn't have a chance to play in the game, and couldn't contribute. I really wanted to have another chance to help the team."

His enthusiasm for American Football and commitment to the team made him decide to enter WASEDA as a regular student. He passed the entrance examination and joined the school as a freshman of the School of International Liberal Studies the following year. He started to follow the path toward the top of the sport with his teammates again. Question: Compared with the US, the home of American Football, what do you think is different? "In Japan, we practice longer." answers Duffy. "Even in that condition, my teammates maintain their concentration, which is really great! In games, their spirit of never-giving-up until the game is over is really fantastic."

With Duffy as a regular player, the Big Bears has become stronger, and in 2010, the team finally played in the Koshien Bowl they longed for. They didn't win and played in the Rice Bowl to play against a team representing a non-professional league and decide the No.1 team in Japan. Still, Duffy was awarded with the MVP of the League as the second award-winner in the history of the Big Bears and chosen for the "All Kanto 24," together with six other teammates. "It was a great honor but I really wanted to win the Koshien Bowl," says Duffy, revealing his vexation.

This is the last year Duffy can play with the Big Bears. What will you do after graduation? "I want to play in a nonprofessional company-sponsored team in Japan! It was good that I could learn about 'senior-junior relationships' unique to Japanese society while in school. By studying overseas, we can come across new values. I believe this will surely help me in my life now and in the future."

Duffy says coming to Japan and entering our school "changed his life." We cannot wait for the day when we can play against him as a representative member of a nonprofessional league team at the Rice Bowl.

*1 Team name of our American Football Club
*2 State university system of the State of California
*3 The final game of Japan University American Football Championship, held at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture every December.

Kenichi Nishio (Freshman, School of International Liberal Studies) who served as an interpreter

At the Koshien Bowl against Ritsumeikan University (His number is 99)

At the Kanto League, winning the MVP of the American Football Division, Tokyo Sports Reporter Club

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)

Mr. Duffy Scott

Born in California, USA, in 1986. Junior, School of International Liberal Studies. Started to play American Football at the age of eight. Came to Japan as an exchange student in the fall of 2007 when he was a junior of California State University, Chico. Entered WASEDA in 2008. Active as a regular player of the Big Bears. Chosen as the "League MVP" and "All Kanto 24" in 2010. His interest is watching movies. He recommends "Remember the Titans" that describes how racial elimination is eliminated through American football, saying, "Don't miss it!"