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A student entrepreneur transmitting "the future" via mobile phones

Mr. Keita Yamamoto

Mr. Keita Yamamoto's first business venture dates back to when he was 16 years old. He took rice that had been produced at his family's home and put it up for sale on the internet, selling it by the bale! (1 bale = 60 kilograms). It seemed like things would go smoothly, but he received strong opposition from his parents and grandfather. "I had no choice but to give up," he said, smiling as though he were remembering that period of his youth. Mr. Yamamoto hadn't always intended on being an entrepreneur. What he really wanted to be was a doctor and to cure people of illnesses. "I want to contribute to society," he said, making it clear that his thoughts haven't wavered. The path he's taken may be different, but his intention hasn't changed.

After acquiring computer programming skills in college, Mr. Yamamoto developed "Mobile Study Kingdom," which is an application for studying using mobile phones. The users are mainly high school students. However, the actual need for junior high school and senior high school students to be carrying around cell phones has been brought into question. There is the option to simply not allow students to have cell phones, but "then they will just remain media illiterate." Mr. Yamamoto stressed the importance of education in the area of proper mobile phone usage. He wants students to utilize cell phones as a convenient learning tool to increase their academic abilities in various fields. That's why he places emphasis on designing a site where everyone can study with a sense of security.

Mobile Study Kingdom continues to expand in scope. This is because Mr. Yamamoto has been very flexible on incorporating various opinions that he receives from others. For example, the idea to apply for a patent on the technology used in the included content originally came from strong advice from outside sources. It hadn't even occurred to him beforehand, and the forms he had to submit were all completely alien to him. Even then he didn't hire a patent attorney, but instead relied on his own knowledge and ingenuity to complete the application. Continuing the process until the results were given was an irreplaceable and invaluable experience. "You don't know until you try!"

Starting with nearly no capital, Mr. Yamamoto developed a site, attracted customers, and continued to grow, himself. That's why he says he's come to strongly realize that "for Japan to live on without resources, we must expand our information industries." He is currently working towards the incorporation of the management of his site. He is recruiting strong willed and motivated colleagues. "I can feel the weight of responsibility even more than before," he said intensely. What lies ahead for Mr. Yamamoto is a gigantic future brought about by tiny cell phones.

Mobile Study Kingdom

If you'd like to know more about Mobile Study Kingdom, please access the website! The character in the top banner is the official mascot of "Mobile Study Kingdom," Punyorin.

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Mr. Keita Yamamoto

Born in Toyama Prefecture in 1984. Graduated from Takaoka Minami High School in Toyama Prefecture, and is currently a fifth year student of the School of Education, the School of Science, and a Major of Mathematics. In 2006 he developed and began managing a cell phone program which allows users to study for exams for free called Mobile Study Kingdom. He filed for a patent the same year. In 2008, the application was adopted by the IPA (Information-Technology Promotion Agency, 2008 Exploratory Software Project [Youth]). In June 2009, the plan for his project was adopted by the Waseda University Incubation Center and is expected to make further leaps forward.