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Using her skilled dancing as a weapon, and tackling singing as well

Ms. Maimi Fujita

Last year after returning from her time studying abroad in America, Ms. Fujita was considering how to further develop her relationship with dancing when she spotted an advertisement in a magazine for an audition. "The professional basketball team Tokyo Apache of the Basketball Japan League was recruiting members for a dance team. It was my first ever audition, so I wasn't at all confident. But I thought that it might do me good to receive inspiration from just watching the other applicants perform, so I also applied." The audition is supposedly thirty times more difficult than usual, but she passed with flying colors and became a member of the 2008-2009 season dance team. "Although we're labeled as cheerleaders, the actual dancing we do is jazz hip-hop with a strong street-style aspect to it. It's a dance style that differs from the image of traditional cheerleaders with pompoms," Ms. Fujita said.

Even when she was young, she would copy dances of hit songs with her friends. She began to actually attend dance school as a sixth year elementary school student and has been passionately devoted to dance ever since. Jazz hip-hop and girls' hip-hop are her main dance genres. "I have a small body, so rather than hip-hop requiring big and exaggerated movements, I'm more suited to the fast and light movements of hip-hop aimed towards girls. I also have a personal preference for fast movements."

In addition to dance, Ms. Fujita also has an interest in English. During her college entrance exams, she was actually conflicted over which to study. Ever since her childhood she had watched American domestic dramas such as "Full House," which had sparked her interest in English. She felt that the dances studied in college weren't of the same genre she was interested in, so she ended up deciding to focus her studies on English. "I had the image that English was essential to international liberal studies. That's why I decided to take classes." Even during her year of studying abroad in America, she didn't miss a day of dance practice, and even put on performances with students from the area.

Ms. Fujita's term with Tokyo Apache ends in July of this year, coinciding with the Basketball Japan League's season which ends in May. She will soon experience her CD debut as a member of the dance group "SHAKE" under the music label WarRock. "I'll be tackling singing and writing song lyrics in addition to dancing!" We'd best not take our eyes off of Ms. Fujita if we want to see what kind of singing voice she'll treat us to along with her hip dancing.

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Ms. Maimi Fujita

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1988. Graduated from Eimeikan Senior High School and is currently a fourth year student of the School of International Liberal Studies. She is a member of the dance team supporting the professional basketball team Tokyo Apache of the Basketball Japan League. At Ariake Colosseum, she performed dances in front of 8,000 people.

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