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A Waseda student plays the character of Kazu in the television show "Wataru Seken Wa Oni Bakari"

Ms. Naomi Uno

"Theater rehearsal is really busy. It's so rough that I don't think I'll be able to make the big Waseda-Keio baseball game this year. I even went to see it back when I was bogged down by all my exams!" Ms. Uno said with a disappointed expression. It's been three years since Ms. Uno became a huge fan of the Tokyo Big6 Baseball League. She enjoys watching the games so much that there are times when she goes down to the stadium by herself and diligently keeps score while shouting out cheers. In fact, one of the reasons she decided to take Waseda's entrance exam was because a Tokyo Big6 Baseball League game she watched from the stands as a high school student left an impression on her. "Since I appear in "Wataru Seken Wa Oni Bakari" ("The World is a Cruel Place"), written by Ms. Sugako Hashida, I attend the Hashida Award Ceremony every year, which is held in the Rihga Royal Hotel. It was from there that I first saw Okuma Auditorium. 'So that's Waseda,' I thought to myself. On top of that, Ms. Hashida is also a Waseda alumni."

Well-known for her role as Kazu in the drama "Wataru Seken Wa Oni Bakari," she has been building a career as an actress since her days as a child performer. This has inevitably led to her having to find a balance between school and work. Filming for "Wataru Seken Wa Oni Bakari" usually takes place at one-year intervals. In between I have theater. Back when I was a first year high school student, my theatrical career took up about nine months of the year, and so I wasn't able to get all the credits I needed. After four years I managed to graduate, but it was because I received the Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates. The year that was supposed to be my first year as a college student was the year filming for "Wataru Seken Wa Oni Bakari" began, so it was in a mad rush that I began studying for the entrance exams."

Her studies currently center on theater and include attending lectures given by Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences Professor Koshi Odashima. American and English theater are of particular interest to her. As for Japanese theater, it seems that the classes she has taken have been of some use to her. "There are a number of cases when people who played an integral role in post-war theater are still thriving in the industry today. Every once in a while I'll hear the name of someone I actually know, and am reminded of just how amazing they are. There are times when I think the name of the program that I'm appearing in may come up in class, and my heart begins to race." Her very first theatrical performance that she participated in (see below) is available for watching in the Theatre Museum's AV room. "Even if the DVD goes out of circulation, it will still be in the museum. I was also surprised to see a photograph of Junko Ikeuchi, a person who I acted with, on display at the museum."

As far as club activities go, she is a member of the Waseda Tea Ceremony club, and has shown off her talent in front of Okuma Auditorium during Wasedasai, the school festival. "I go to classes, go to the library, go to the theatre museum, and participate in club activities. I'm leading an ordinary college student's life," she said nonchalantly. However, performance arts obviously take up a good deal of her time. She continues to make great leaps and bounds by taking in a variety of experiences, refusing to give up on either her student activities or her acting. "Right now, the thing that I would most like to do is throw the opening pitch for a Tokyo Big6 Baseball League game while I'm still a student," she said with a sparkle in her eyes.

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Ms. Naomi Uno

Ms. Naomi Uno was born in Tokyo in the year 1989. She received the Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates. In 2008 she enrolled in the School of Culture, Media and Society, and is currently a second year student. Her stage debut was in the play "Madame Butterfly." She went on to perform in the plays "Oshin" and "Horoki," and has been active ever since her days as a child actor. She appears as a regular in her role as Kazu Nonoshita on the TBS drama "Wataru Seken Wa Oni Bakari." She is particularly skilled at English and has placed twice in high school speech contests. Her hobbies include reading, watching martial arts, and traveling by herself. Her favorite books include mystery novels by Keigo Higashino and the comic book "Saint Young Men."