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Working as Both an Actress and Postgraduate Student!

Ms. Kumiko Akiyoshi

Moving on the elevator, she noticed a thick academic book which her classmate had. "Have your read that whole thing?" "No, I just skimmed through it." "That's what I did too!" She speaks just like a normal student on this campus.

Hoping to study both cultural anthropology and philosophy, she entered the Okuma School of Public Management, where she later figured "it was actually much more complicated that I first thought". Having studied for a year and a half, now she thinks that it's time to learn management and philosophy as a tool for analyzing the existing social structures from various aspects.

"Studying society and then making some sort of contribution to society. I feel that I finally understood what the expression 'Waseda of practice'". Not only scholars but many people from local governments and private firms are striving to improve their career skills together with her. "It's like an autonomous area! I learn much from the classmates seeking the meaning of freedom by facing themselves".

She made a surprising discovery in the summer intensive lectures. "The Okuma School of Public Management has a firm hierarchy, something of a sports-club ambience," she points out. Members of the group naturally set up their roles and objectives of the group to make up a report in a limited time. She adds that the members are "Polite and tightly disciplined," and she followed suit without being fully aware of it.

She says that being an actress is all about repetitive practice for putting out energy in a short moment. "So through graduate school, I learned to see people from various perspectives". She also says that the lectures at Public Management are "like a Baumkuchen (a kind of layered cake) in which the theories and practices pile up one upon the other". To learn either one is never enough. She believes that the interaction between both of these is universal in all fields of study.

"But my priority for now is the master's thesis". Although she has much more time than others since she is finishing her course in September, she feels "quite nervous because of those working passionately to submit their thesis in January. It's sort of like a preliminary skirmish...inevitable for those entering in September". Her research proposal is already completed, so she is planning to move forward with a couple of adjustments. She always carries several academic books and a report pad so that she can put her opinions together at any time. "All the lectures were about the 'living', and that might be the philosophy here. I'm going to finish my thesis keeping that in mind," she said, carrying a heavy bag with a smile.

An essay full of sayings from her official blog "Kumi-san to kakugen no Tsukiai (Relationship between Sayings and Kumi-san)". Published in November 2007 from Aoyama-Shuppasha. 1,575 yen (including tax).

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)

Ms. Kumiko Akiyoshi

Born in Shizuoka. First debut on the screen was in "Aka-chouchin". Afterward, she received Golden-Arrow Freshman Award and Freshman Award from Producer Commission for "Imouto", "Virgin Bruce". Received Various Awards from "Ani-imouto", "Banka", "Ihojin-tachi to no natsu (Summer with strangers)", "Yuwakusha", "Fukai-kawa" and "Toko no kii". Entered the Okuma School of Public Management in September 2007. She is now working on her master's thesis to be submitted in September 2009.

URL: http://akiyoshikumiko.jp/