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Sparkling with success in their first competition!
Remembering the Struggle of the Waseda Boys in the Robot Contest!

Mr. Hidetaka Sugawara
Mr. Tomoya Tanaka
Mr. Naoki Yamaguchi

Right before the semifinal, members of the three associated clubs for the robot contest looked at each other's faces. "If we win this semifinal, the next match will be the championship, right?" They were so nervous, or so I thought, but Mr. Sugawara said, scratching his head, "We came as far as the semifinal but I can only half believe it!" That is because this year, former teams which put up a strong fight for the top rank lost one after another. The newcomers from Waseda, Team Robo-Con, continued right through to the semifinal. "I see how they spend more money and time on these robots. So in that sense, our robot stood out," one of the members said with a forced smile. As they were newcomers, there was no mechanism that could be the base of their work. In their unsure situation, they were ready to quit the project. On top of it all was the problem of fixing the robot with limited time and money. In the end, however, the body of the robot became a perfectly honed one. It was simple, but Mr. Sugawara said "I'm sure this robot can improve one level more. And I want to fight this contest with our best effort." "'No Mistake' will be the keyphrase for victory." Every member nodded in agreement. Mr. Yamaguchi, who takes charge of circuits also said, "It was also good that I was able to collect data to use for next time while our team participated in this contest."

Mr. Tanaka, taking charge of publications, was busy even after the contest finished. "However, in this Robo-Con [contest], I could often feel people's emotional ties. That is my strongest impression," he said smiling. Juniors will retire from the club at the end of this school year so they will not attend the next contest. Members of the team slap the back of a sophomore student, Mr. Keisuke Yoneda and say, "You guys will have to win the championship next year with a totally perfect robot body full of Waseda Spirit and then continue on to the competition at the World congress, right?" We will be able to see a demonstration of the robot that appeared on the stage of this robot contest in the Riko-ten in November. With all its battle plans and delicate movements, this robot is definitely worth a look!

NHK College Robot Contest

One of the robot contests which NHK enterprise has sponsored since 1991. It s the highest-performing of the contests held in Japan Now it is very important for the participants because it doubles as the selection for the national team that will go to the contest covering Asia and the Pacific Ocean (the ABU Robot contest)

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)

Mr. Hidetaka Sugawara

Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa, in 1987. Graduated from Eiko Gakuen High School. Now he is a sophomore in the Science and Engineering Department. He is a member of the Aerospace Exploration group in Waseda called the Wasa Mechanical Project. In the robot contest sponsored by NHK in 2008, he handled processing and composition.

Mr. Tomoya Tanaka

Born in Kawagoe City, Saitama, in 1987. Graduated from Jouhoku Saitama High School. He is also a sophomore in the Science and Engineering Department.

Mr. Naoki Yamaguchi

Born in Kashiwa City, Chiba, in1987. Graduated from Shibaura Institute of Technology Senior High School. Now he is a junior in the Science and Engineering Department. He is also a member of WMMC, the Waseda Micro Mouse Club. He took charge of circuit and control at the NHK college robot contest in 2008.