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Ms. Yoko Kurokawa, a new playwright with a "reverse perspective"

Ms. Yoko Kurokawa

The protagonist of the first drama she ever wrote was a female mosquito. The drama is about a mosquito that becomes a human-being, and runs a shop which sells alcohol, while sucking blood (her favorite food) to her heart's content. In the end, however, the mosquito is killed by a potent mosquito repellent. Her friend complimented the drama saying, "The malicious ending was interesting!" That led her to start writing dramas professionally. "Perhaps I'm a malicious person at heart," she laughs merrily.

In December 2007, at the open screening commission held at Kinokuniya Southern Theater, Ms. Kurokawa's drama "Harumeri" was praised highly by all of the judges present, and she was given the "Playwrights Association New Playwright Award." Harumeri is a coined word. The word arose from her longing to "create a word which didn't have a specific meaning and sounded soft". "Writing about something unusual in a comical way is the royal road to writing dramas," she says, "so I decided I would write about things from the back instead of from the front." Throughout the drama, the word harumeri is used like a buzzword in conversation, as well as a brand name for clubs and chocolate. "I enjoy novels and movies which have high-quality "lies" in them," she says. In this way, with her reverse perspective, she completed "Harumeri" at one go.

Nonetheless, Ms. Kurokawa has very good posture. Her slim standing figure is beautiful and lively. Judging by her good posture, I asked her if she had ever practiced ballet, and she replied, "I'm only interested in watching sports. I especially like figure skating." As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of writing a drama based on figure skating." The main character is a human being. However, we must note the actual state of the drama; it is still in the planning stage. Right now, she is busy writing a drama for an acting unit her friend set up which is due to be performed in August. The theme is handicraft. She plans to portray the unique culture with a manner of talking that only she is capable of.

She says that looking at things from the "reverse perspective" opens doors to many ways of life. Recently, she has started to think that living ordinarily and leading a good, happy life is the best thing. She finished her sentences while maintaining her ramrod-straight posture.


The 1st Paserisu Performance
Written by Ms. Yoko Kurokawa
Directed by Mr. Takuya Sasaki
From August 27th (Wednesday) to August 31st (Sunday) at Shibuya Gallery LE DECO

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)

Ms. Yoko Kurokawa

Born in 1983 in Tochigi Prefecture. Graduated from Tochigi Prefectural Utsunomiya Girls' High School. Graduated from the School of Letters at Keio University, entered the School of Letters, Arts, and Sciences at Waseda University, and completed her studies this spring. Received the 13th Playwrights Association New Playwright Award in 2007 for her drama "Harumeri."Received the Azusa Ono Memorial Award for Art in 2008.