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Bringing college days entrepreneurship experience to a new stage

Originally, she had were no aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur. Upon entering Waseda, she says there was a period of time when she felt at a loss as to what she should do. "I got anxious when I saw many freshmen at the entrance ceremony. I could become buried amongst these people," she says. She wanted to find something to be proud of and say "This is what I achieved in my university life". To broaden her view, she joined several clubs, set up and managed a student organization, and was the executive editor of a free magazine.

In the winter of her second year, she was approached by an acquaintance about setting up a business. "I had some hesitation because I knew about the high risk and didn't want to be negligent with my studies. But because I wanted to do something in my college days, I decided to become involved in the corporation." Friends were asked to join the committee, although they did not necessarily have aspirations to be entrepreneurs. It was a business that would be handed on to the next generation upon graduation. "I myself had decided at the start to retire in my 4th year and get a position in a regular company. Starting up a business meant learning about society prior to employment."

Book "What it means to be the president of a company in my second year of university" December 2007/Diamond Co.

Having thought about it to that extent and getting the experience of starting up a business, it almost became a disadvantage for job-hunting. Rejected by a number of prospective employers, she received commentary such as "Eventually wouldn't you would want to quit the company and become independent?" Meanwhile, she was told, "You have the experience of starting up a business? you'll find a job in no time" by job-hunting friends, and was seen by some others with a cold attitude. "Since I had various faces such as being a student, a CEO, and a job-hunter all at one time, I had a tough period and almost lost sight of myself. However, I had friends by my side no matter what. Their casual words of encouragement made me happy." Eventually, Ms. Hoshino found a company she wanted to work for her whole life, and has happily received from them a tentative acceptance.

"University is a special place. Once you convince yourself to do something, anything is possible" says Ms. Hoshino. For her, these 4 years were extremely exciting and fulfilling. "From now on I will walk on firm ground, and would like to find happiness even if it is quiet!". Because she took up difficult challenges during her university life, she was able to find this important answer.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)

Ms. Nozomi Hoshino

Born 1985, Tokyo. Graduated from Futabagakuen High School. Graduated this spring from the Waseda's School of Political Science and Economics. Member of Professor Yasunori Ishii's Seminar. January 2006, representative role for establishment of Marche Bis Co., Ltd., which contracts with businesses for planning, publicizing, and event organizing. November 2007, securities were transferred to current students.