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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Environmental Business Theory

Analyzing the frontline of environmental business!

Eriko Ito
1st-Year Master’s Student
Graduate School of Environment and Energy Engineering

Today, a variety of reports has made many people aware of how the global ecosystem is being destroyed, species are continually disappearing, and the very existence of mankind is being threatened. However, as long as people’s desire for a more prosperous and comfortable lifestyle is at the root of human action, such problems cannot be easily solved.

Environmental problems such as water/soil pollution and negative legacy have surfaced since the late 20th century. There are a variety of methods for approaching environmental problems. Some examples include reforming awareness to promote interest in environmental problems; implementing direction regulations such as laws and ordinances for solving problems; and developing advanced technologies such as fuel-efficient and low-emission engines.

Written works by instructor Professor Shinya Nagasawa are read in class.

Among these various approaches to environmental problems, this course focuses on incorporating environmental problems into market mechanisms and then using market power to realize solutions. In other words, the course focuses on the growing “environmental business” which emphasizes an approach from corporation and the market, and which seeks to achieve sustainable development and consumption. Students study the background and current conditions of business growth in relation to energy-saving measures, renewable energy, waste materials, marine resource business, and other such fields. We learn through specific examples of recent trends while also paying attention to the future growth and expansion in each business field.

Thanks to this course, my image of waste material business has changed dramatically. Previously, I had a negative image of waste material business as garbage collectors and polluters who did the dirty, behind-the-scenes work of industry. However, I learned that such business contributes to the environment and society while achieving an appropriate profit in the long term. I now view waste material business as creative and bright. This course has spurred my interest in environmental business. In the future, I will work to broaden my knowledge of environmental business and to become a professional who contributes to society and the environment.

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