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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Kimono Studies (University-Wide Open Course)

Experiencing the depth of Japanese culture through kimono

Gyosei Ko
2nd-Year Student, School of Law

Do the words “overly formal” or “stodgy” come to mind when you think of kimono? That impression might change if you participate in this course.

Through kimono, this course seeks to examine the spirit of Japanese people and the essence of Japanese culture. Actually, each class for the course is taught by a different instructor and deals with a different theme. Of course, to allow students to deeply experience traditional culture, the instructors always bring kimono or the cloth with them to class. For me, the most interesting part of the class was learning how to wear a kimono and actually wearing one.

The course is taught by Professor Koji Fujii. At the end of each class, Professor Fujii engaged in dialogue with that day’s instructor and answered questions from students.

Also, Professor Toshihiro Horiuchi is teaching the course together with Professor Fujii. Professor Horiuchi gave a lecture on industrial theory for modern kimono.

While in China, I had thought that kimono was an inaccessible luxury. However, the course Kimono Studies caused me to change my ideas. In addition to learning the profound depth of kimono, I was able to experience the intricacies of Japanese culture. I also learned that kimono is more than just clothing; indeed, it is precious item which expresses individuality.

In China today, there is little knowledge of Japanese kimono culture. This is most unfortunate from the perspective of mutual understanding for Japanese-Chinese culture. I feel the strong desire to convey the true Japanese kimono culture to people in China and throughout the world.

Kimono is a symbol of Japanese culture. I hope that the course Kimono Studies will be an opportunity for more people to become familiar with traditional Japanese culture.

Actually, a model sometimes wears Kimono in the class

Kimono Studies is a partnership course made possible in the 2014 academic year by cooperation from the All Japan Kimono Promoting Association and the Clothing Research Promotion Association.