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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Criminal Law II (Specialized Studies in Criminal Law) B

Feeling familiar with criminal law centered around judicial precedents

Mari Saeki
2nd year student at the School of Law

Specialized Studies in Criminal Law is a very refreshing lesson where you make new discoveries every time. When I was in the first year, I took Professor Norio Takahashi’s (Norio-Sensei hereafter. I feel close to him and usually call him this) Introduction to Criminal Law, and he also advised me in law debates, so I became interested in criminal law and took up Specialized Studies in Criminal Law in my second year.

This lesson uses the basic text that he wrote, and proceeds centered around a commentary of the book. Law subjects are generally extremely difficult to follow and you have to work as hard as possible, but Norio-Sensei explains judicial precedents in an easy-to-understand manner. For example, He writes each precedent on the blackboard, and because they are explained in simple language that can be understood visually, they remain in my memory with interesting precedents even becoming topics among the students outside of class. Norio-Sensei is also well known for his clever wit. That reputation at the School of Law is also one of the pleasures of the lesson.

A characteristic of Specialized Studies in Criminal Law lessons is not only that the content is interesting, but also the closeness between the teacher and students. Usually, law subjects are taught in a style where the professor talks from a podium in a large classroom, so there are times when you feel nervous about approaching the professor, but in Norio-Sensei’s lessons, starting with Specialized Studies in Criminal Law, the students gather around friendly Norio-Sensei, and you can see many instances of him, of course, teaching judicial precedents in detail and responding to various questions.

Since taking Specialized Studies in Criminal Law, I have become even more interested in criminal law. I have been able to learn about judicial decisions in cases and Norio-Sensei’s opinions, and the more judicial precedents I have learnt, the closer I have felt to problems currently taking place and possible cases around me, and I have become to think that I want to study more enthusiastically. I feel that Specialized Studies in Criminal Law is a lesson that can bring out the will to study in students.

The basic text has numerous “facts” from judicial precedents.