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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Quality Management Research

Yūki Wakasaki
2nd-Year Master’s Student at the Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering

Quality Management Research is a biweekly seminar where students affiliated with the Munechika Laboratory improve their research by presenting their own work and holding discussions with other members of the laboratory.

Quality is “meeting the demands of customers.” Each student conducts research for heightening the quality of products and services. One feature of the Munechika Laboratory is that research is mainly conducted in cooperation with corporations and hospitals. Another feature is that older students provide instruction during research for graduate theses. Writing a graduate thesis is the first research activity of undergraduate students, so the presence and instruction of an older student are of great support.

In order to heighten the quality of products, we conduct research in kansei engineering which applies consumer images and feedback assessment to product design. Specific examples of research activities include assessing package design and evaluating the operability of touch panels. The majority of students conduct joint research with corporations. Many of the research results impact actual commercialization, thus creating the appeal of giving actual form to results.

In order to heighten the quality of services, we conduct research on methods for supplying high-quality medical services. Research is very fulfilling because it contributes to the provision of safe medical care. The Munechika Laboratory conducts joint research with several hospitals, making it possible to perform effective research while listening to the opinions of actual medical staff.

In spring and summer, members of the laboratory hold a study camp at a seminar house. Members strengthen their friendship through sports and other activities. In this way, each student in the laboratory conducts their research activities through the support and encouragement of other members.

Group photograph of summer study camp at a seminar house. The initial “M” stands for Munechika Laboratory.

Location: Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering
Faculty in charge: Professor Masahiko Munechika, Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering