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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Multinational corporation research seminar

Toshiki Nemezawa
3rd year student at the School of Social Sciences

The characteristics of this seminar are contents we learn and how it proceeds.

First of all, in regard to the content of our study, we are learning international management strategies while conducting research on multinational corporations. I feel it is of great value to learn “international” management in place of conventional business administration. If you take a look at the various products around you, I think many of those products will have been “planned or designed in Japan or America, and made in China or Brazil” (for those of you who aren’t sure, take a look at the back of your iPhone.) In this way, where we see borders disappearing today, it can be said that a company confining their business activities to a single country is a rare case. From that situation, I feel that taking the “world”, not “your own country” to be your stage for activity while a student, and studying with a wide outlook, are extremely important, no matter what path you choose to follow.

Discussions that take place in the lessons are always white-hot

Next I will talk about the lessons. Professor Hasegawa’s guiding principles focus on “speaking”, and lively debates and discussions take place. By repeating the word “why” to yourself, your own opinions become an objective point of view, and by confirming whether your opponent’s assertions are true or not, you become able to see the essence of the discussion, and it also becomes training in brushing up your logical thinking. I believe that the logical thinking skills you pick up here are skills that can be used in everyday life such as persuading people and asking for cooperation.

Finally, there are many graduates from this seminar who are active on the “international” stage. Why don’t you, too, become involved in the Hasegawa seminar where you can learn with an “international” awareness?

Location: School of Social Sciences
Teacher in charge: School of Social Sciences Professor Shinji Hasegawa