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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Organizational Strategies of Service Industry in Asia

Tomohiro Ueakasaka
2nd year professional degree student at the Graduate School of Commerce

This lesson, a four-day intensive course conducted from February 6, not only covered the service industry in Singapore, but, on top of understanding features such as culture, customs and way of thinking, in a business aspect, also aimed to have students make comparisons with Japanese business models and learn the differences between business in both countries.

The course took place at Singapore Management University, and in a student-participation learning environment conducted in English, we took part in the program which involved lectures from Professor Otaki, talks from four guest speakers, a visit to the Capella Hotel, and group discussions. Professor Otaki urged us to express our opinions and pose questions to the guest speakers, making it an active lesson.

What really made an impression on me was the visit to the Capella Hotel on the second day. “Capella” is a hotel group established by the founder of the Ritz-Carlton, and carries the business concept where, if the Ritz-Carlton offered first-class flights, the Capella would prepared a private jet, giving us the opportunity to see the staff training philosophy for providing top-class service. The Capella Hotel has created a staff service standards called Zeitgeist and Canon, and in connection with those, has made its vision, mission, objectives, and service process clear. Furthermore, the service standards clearly show how to implement those in everyday business, providing each individual staff member with education to enable them to provide high quality service. I believe that the linking of the vision and mission with everyday business is something that needs to be studied in Japanese companies.

In this way, this course is a course where you can master the skills needed to be active in global society through practical study.

Commemorative photograph of all participating students at the Capella Hotel (Professor Otaki is in the center)

Location: Graduate School of Commerce, Waseda Business School
Teacher in Charge: Professor Reiji Otaki, Graduate School of Commerce