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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Basic Art Space
--Things I have felt and thought about in lessons so far--

Yusei Yamanaka
3rd year student at the School of Fundamental Science and Engineering

Professor Yabuno talking about space representation of film

"Basic Art Space" taken by Professor Ken Yabuno, who is also an artist, and author Akihisa Inoue, is a lesson which takes up subjects such as art, film, literature and cities, and takes a three-dimensional look at the diversity of space representation from various angles. In each class, the two instructors first give an explanation on the expressive style in the message used by the creator of the work to be used in the lesson. We then look at the piece of work before writing a report on our thoughts and feelings on the points that are important keys to the work.

Until now, I had never looked at a movie three-dimensionally from various angles. I learnt that even a movie which I thought was only for pure entertainment, was actually a cluster of skills and methods used to express the producer's message, and, to use a slightly odd term, I was "impressed." There was also time to think about the lesson's theme of "location." I began to think that casual elements such as a car, room or house, that make up a single location in a movie play an important role in relaying the creator's message. For example, if a producer uses "tricks" in each individual object in a movie scene in order to instill "fear," and they effectively and three-dimensionally function in the viewer's memory as space representation, then there is a high possibility that the viewer will feel fear.

Students enthusiastically taking notes

"Art" means the action of trying to acquire mental and sensual change through functioning between the artist or object, and the audience. In relation to that, the words of director Yoji Yamada in class the other day, "how a piece of work is felt is in the hands of the audience," left a great impression on me. I felt the importance of how the audience can freely possess endless interpretations, and more than that, "in addition to the artist making clear what they want to be felt from their work, in the end they are at the mercy of the audience." In other words, I believe it is important to set the "focus" of the work.