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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Sports Marketing Course (Matsuoka Seminar):
Study Hard, Play Hard

Ayuko Sakatsume
4th year student at the School of Sports Sciences

Rafting experience in Furano

As interest in sports has been increasing every year, so the number of fields treating sports as a business has been greatly expanding. However, in the Matsuoka Seminar, we study about sports marketing. Sports marketing is defined as "an activity that meets the needs and desires of consumers occurring from the watching and playing of sports." At first glance, this may appear difficult, but promotions using social networking services of professional baseball teams is one example of this.

Usually, there are presentations and exchanges of opinions about the subjects that interest each individual, but beyond that, there are many opportunities to learn out in the field with the motto of the seminar being "study hard, play hard" (= understanding the essence of everything by enjoying yourself earnestly and having fun seriously).

In the regular soccer match between Waseda and Keio that takes place every year at the end of June, we carried out promotional activities and conducted a survey on those watching the game. Moreover, we visited the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters in early September this year and could understand for ourselves how their products and services are offered and how they capture the minds of consumers in the sports field. In a rafting experience in the great nature of Hokkaido, the hearts of all the seminar students were stolen with a feeling of "we want to go again!" under the guidance of instructors we felt an affinity with. This is a new seminar that is still only in its fourth year, so we would like to take up plenty more challenges in the field in the future.

Seminar camp (a visit to Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters) with the author in the center of the second row