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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Japanese Theatrical History
~The more you attend the lectures, the more interested you become in Japanese theatre~

Arisa Aoki
3rd year student at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

One of Professor Kodama's lessons.

In Professor Ryuichi Kodama's course, "Japanese Theatrical History", through history, you think about the significance of learning Japanese theatre while unraveling the forming process of Japanese theatre genre and the various intimate relations.

The areas dealt with in the first and second semesters differ, with Gagaku and Noh, Kyogen, and Ningyo-Joruri (Japanese puppet show) covered in the first semester, and Kabuki and Shinpa, Shingeki (new theatre), and modern theatre in the second semester.

Texts are mainly those written by Professor Kodama or extracts from recommended books on theatre. When we study Noh, Kyogen, Ningyo-Joruri and Kabuki, extracts of plays are handed out almost each lesson and we also watch videos of stage performances.

When you write your impressions or thoughts on the attendance card, Professor Kodama will comment on them in the next lesson.

There are many people around me who have taken up an interest in Japanese classic theatre since attending Professor Kodama's course.

This is not only because the content of the course is fulfilling, but also because the professor is very skilled in dropping advance hints.

In my case, through Professor Kodama's talks concerning much-discussed works of revived Kyogen in Kabuki, the significance of revived Kyogen and existence of new works became clear and I gained a deeper interest.

Japanese Theatrical History is a course I recommend regardless of whether you have an interest in Japanese theatre or not.