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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Psychosomatic Medicine:
For the Health of Mind and Body

Mikiko Matsuoka
1st year student in the Master's Program of the Graduate School of Human Sciences

Professor Nomura gives a lecture on stress reduction techniques

The 21st century has been called the "age of the mind." In recent years, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) has added mental illness to the traditional four major diseases of cancer, strokes, heart attacks and diabetes. The ministry has deemed it necessary to have focused measures on this so-called fifth major disease. Moreover, in the same way as the word for disease has been written in Japanese using the characters for "pain" and "spirit" and it is has been said "sickness and health start with the mind" since olden days, problems of the mind have an impact not only on a person's mental condition but also the state of their body.

Psychosomatic medicine attempts to perform a comprehensive examination of patients; not only physical but also psychological and social aspects. The main targets of this medicine are psychosomatic diseases for which psychosocial issues are involved in the onset and course of physical ailments. Furthermore, psychosomatic medicine also deals with nervous disorders mainly concerned with physical symptoms, depression and anxiety disorders.

Students listen intently to the lecture of Professor Nomura

This class is conducted in the form of lectures. It is possible to learn widely about psychosomatic diseases (e.g. eating disorders), diagnoses from an understanding of the condition of patients with nervous disorders or depression, methods of treatment (e.g. drug therapy and psychotherapy), and stress reduction techniques that are helpful in real life. Although there is some technical content, the professor Dr. Shinobu Nomura carefully gives easy-to-understand explanations based on clinical experience.

I think that knowing how the perception of personality traits or stress and methods of coping affect our bodies is very interesting and an opportunity to look at ourselves. Why don't you take advantage of this class in order to be able to live healthily in our stressful society?