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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Modern capital markets (Omura Seminar)
-Changing oneself-

Atsushi Mitani
4th year student at the School of Commerce

Professor Omura is on the left of the back row and the author is on the left of the second row.

What distinguishes the Omura Seminar from other seminars is the atmosphere of the class and Professor Keiichi Omura's teaching principles. Professor Omura demands the highest performance from each student with the utmost effort. For that purpose, all the students have high ambitions, making it an ideal environment to improve and raise oneself to the next level. Also, this seminar places emphasis on speaking, and you are always required to express a will to participate in discussions. By repeating the words "why and how" in your head and determining whether the speaker's claims are true or not, you become able to see through the heart of the debate, as well as training for building logical thoughts. This experience will probably come in very useful in the future when raising questions in business and proposing projects.

There are two main activities in the seminar, the first being a presentation on the unit being covered in the textbook. The other is writing a group essay. In the textbook we are currently studying financial derivatives, and next year we will learn about corporate finance. In the group essay, we start from scratch and, under our own initiative, establish a theme (hypothesis) related to financing, and put together an essay for a debate (In-Zemi) with the Shinichi Hirota Seminar and the Keio University seminar.

Finance is an academic pursuit with extremely high entry barriers for beginners. The reason for that is, because the logical structures of finance itself, compared to other studies, are firm, and a lot of time and hard work is required to get a grasp of the overall picture. Even now I cannot afford to relax in my financial studies. However, since joining this seminar there are many things other than study that I have acquired and I feel, without a doubt, that I have grown a lot. If you feel you want to change yourself and you want to improve yourself more, why don't you take up the challenge of the Omura Seminar?