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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Trust law research
~Starting from theory and brushing up a sense of the field~

Lee Bin
3rd year student in the Doctoral Program of the Graduate School of Law

Graduate School of Law Professor Hiroyuki Watanabe

The Graduate School of Law's trust law research course is attended by graduate school students and ten or so working students who are involved in trust law practice, and is centered on picking up various issues including academic points and practical points related to trust laws, and debating them in depth.

The lessons are split into two sessions, with Professor Hiroyuki Watanabe lecturing systematically on the basic and theoretical areas of trust law in the first session, and in the second half of the lesson, the students independently find a topic involving trusts, and after giving presentations, everybody holds a discussion. Because the attendees represent a wide range of people from graduate school students to professionals working in trust companies and investment advisory companies, the topics chosen are abundant in variation. To be specific, there are themes such as Islamic finance, exercising pension fund voting rights, security trusts, beneficiary agents and trustees, Secured Bonds Trust Act and security trusts, real estate investing, taxation at time of beneficiary rights division, and formation of genuine trusts.

I am an exchange student and am taking this course for my doctoral dissertation, but being able to listen to specific talks from professionals engaged in daily business is the most enlightening and stimulating thing for me as a doctoral student who is required to write a logically formed dissertation. On the other hand, the content of the course was actually technical, and therefore, I also, at times, felt a language barrier. However, even with that kind of hardship, in a time when the separation of study and practice is gaining attention, the point of being able to acquire the wisdom of how to solve problems in your own way while being helpful to each other, makes this a more than rewarding course.

Materials used in the course