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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Open education course (Waseda Alumni Association funded course)
"Know Waseda"--- The more you know, the deeper Waseda is

Ayaka Kohase
3rd year student at the School of Education

President Kamata enthusiastically speaks on his vision for Waseda University

How much do you know about Waseda University? The open education course, "Know Waseda", is an omnibus-style lesson where "Waseda specialists" from various fields are brought in each time. In this course, as well as being able to look back at the ideology and characteristics behind Waseda's establishment, identity, the ideas, principles and educational philosophies of the founders, and a history stretching back over 100 years, you can also experience a transversal range of fields from traditional studies such as politics and literature to state-of-the-art robot engineering. The team of lecturers is also diverse, including the president, former president, and Keio University professors, and the lecture preceding the traditional Sokei (Waseda-Keio) baseball match in spring was presented by Renzo Ishii (9th manager of the baseball team), who orchestrated the legendary six straight victories over Keio and led the team to its first championship victory in three seasons. Each lesson has its own point worth mentioning and the content is extremely satisfying. Furthermore, a distinguishing feature is that attending the Sokei baseball match and learning the school song and supporters' song is also part of the course. In the public lecture held in the Okuma Auditorium, we learnt the origins of the school song and, under the direction of the supporters' club, everybody, at the end, put their arms around each other's shoulders on the stage and sang the school song, raising our sense of togetherness as university students. I belong to the supporters' club, but through this course I was able to learn a new side to Waseda University each time, and, more than anything, have been able to hold even more pride in my own university. This is a very unique lesson in which, the more you know, the more you become to like "Waseda". Every Waseda student should take this course!!

What is "Know Waseda"?

An open education course proposed by the student association and started in 2006 as a Waseda University Alumni Association funded course with the hope of offering something meaningful in student life by having a deeper understanding of Waseda University. An omnibus-style course held in both the first and second semesters where various lecturers give diverse talks about Waseda University.