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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

“Development Economics Research” Takase Seminar:
Developing Human Resources Living in the World

Shinya Matsuda
4th year student at the School of Commerce

Professor Koichi Takase

In modern society, the growth of developing countries, such as in Asia and Africa, can be thought of as the main key to future global economic development. In the Takase Seminar, various problems currently facing developing countries (e.g. unemployment, environmental issues and development assistance) are looked at as research themes. A stay overseas during enrollment in the seminar is encouraged at least once because experience abroad (especially in developing countries) is very important. As a result, in this seminar, it is expected that strong human resources will be developed that can play an active role in the world through learning scientifically about developing countries and feeling the air of such places overseas directly with one's own senses.

"Individuality" is given as a major point focused on in the selection of seminar students. Therefore, the characters of the chosen students are truly different for each person. The atmosphere of this seminar that takes place in the form of presentations and debate is cozy, fresh and stimulating. In the seminar, to start with, students take it in turns to read a textbook in the first half of the third year, and in the second half, complete an overview and plan of a graduation thesis in the form of a first draft. Moreover, as a sub-seminar, students study English such as pronunciation practice with the aim of acquiring practical English in the first half of the course. In the second half of the course, students independently train in statistics and quantitative analysis using MS Excel, so it is possible to acquire practical skills. In the fourth year, students produce a graduation thesis over the course of one year upon each deciding on their own theme as the bottom line of their research.

Takase Seminar Graduate Meeting

In activities other than research, there is a focus on interaction with older graduates. Regular meetings and visits between the current seminar students and graduates are planned and held. These meetings with graduates who are active in various fields are not just about job-hunting; they are also a valuable experience that will live in the later lives of the students. The seminar students have plenty of experience staying in places all over the world including Africa, South America and Asia, so there is no shortage of interesting stories to be heard about life overseas.

Finally, Professor Takase cares very deeply about his students and earnestly consults with each individual attending his seminar. If you are interested in this course, please make sure to come and see what it is about.