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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Structural Design Practice:
Learning the Concept of Structural Design

Takehiro Okamoto, Asami Kawashima & Taro Yamamoto
3rd year students at the School of Creative Science and Engineering

Professor Kiyomiya's lecture

Various factors must be taken into account in order to safely design a structure. These include what kind of material should be used and assumptions about how much load (e.g. the force from an earthquake) will be applied to the structure. In this course, we learned about the procedures and how to calculate the limit state design method. This is a method that considers these factors. In each class, we were assigned tasks such as the calculation of the design method, so we would be able to develop our sense of design at the same time as deepening our understanding of structural calculations. (Takehiro Okamoto)

This class is carried out in the form of practices based on the class of "Structural Design," which is a required subject. In the first few lessons, we studied technical drawing. It was a really fresh and fun experience to study by actually moving our own hands among the many other classes in which we ordinarily just listened to lectures. In addition, there were also lessons in which we solved a problem and submitted it. There is a very strong link with the class of "Structural Design," so we were really able to study by putting into practice what we had learned before. While diligently studying with each other, when there was something we didn't understand, we could teach each other, so this further deepened our understanding. (Asami Kawashima)

Students eager to solve the examples

In this class, we were given practices and taught the application of the information in the class of "Structural Design" that runs in parallel to this one. However, we didn't just learn that; we could also feel the relationship and connection with other classes. In the technical drawing that we learned at first, we actually traced a bridge that we had first seen in the class of "Space Design," so we could understand what kind of structure it is. Moreover, among the practice problems, it was necessary to use calculations and knowledge that we learned in structural mechanics and concrete structural study. We could feel that we would be able to utilize what we had learned in this class in the next term and beyond. Through "Structural Design Practice" we came to understand the link between each of the various specialist subjects that we have been studying. (Taro Yamamoto)