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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

The Function and Attraction of Accounting:
Not only bookkeeping?

Keiji Nishimura
Accounting Professional Program, Graduate School of Accountancy

Tetsuyoshi Hasegawa (center) and seminar students. The author is third from the left.

There are many classes related to the certified public accountant examination in the Graduate School of Accountancy, but there is also a "theme research course" for students who wish to study some individual issues. In this course, students summarize the contents of their study and write a thematic research thesis (equivalent to a master's thesis).

The class of "Financial Accounting Theme Research I" (Teacher: Tetsuyoshi Hasegawa) that I chose has a format in which each seminar student draws up an outline related to their own personal research theme and then presents it every week. After each student gives their presentation, there is a question and answer session with the other seminar students (1st and 2nd year students combined). After this, the students take questions and receive advice from the teacher. Moreover, the discussion is then expanded on by everyone in the class.

Incidentally, I think there are probably people who first get an image of bookkeeping when talking about accounting, but bookkeeping is just a part (or a means) of accounting. This is because accounting is a system in which economic activities in a specific economic entity are measured in numbers using monetary amounts with these results being collected together into a report and then communicated to stakeholders. Bookkeeping is simply used in part to record this economic activity.

The study of accounting is closely linked with other disciplines. For example, if we look at the case of major Japanese electronics manufacturers, then due to the recent global economic downtown and the growth of Chinese and Korean companies, competition has become fiercer than ever before (→ Economics). In order to win out over the competition, each manufacturer devises and implements their own unique management strategies (→ Management Studies). As a result of this, there are currently some companies in the black and some in the red (→ Accountancy).

In this way, management strategy based on the business environment surrounding companies is considered and the specific numerical results appear in the accounts. Thus, the study of accounting is closely linked with other disciplines.

Accounting is a concept wider than most people think. Do you understand this attractive subject which plays an important function as a part of the socio-economic infrastructure? If you have an interest in learning about this fascinating subject, then you might enjoy jumping into this world. In particular, I think that those who attend this seminar will come to love accounting even more after being strictly trained by Tetsuyoshi Hasegawa.