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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Tsuchida Seminar:
Thinking about Business Activities of a Company from the Reverse side

Yoshihiro Kaibara
4th year student, School of Law

Professor Kazuhiro Tsuchida

The teaching materials used

Chief Major Law Practice (Economic Law) D - This is the official name of the Tsuchida Seminar. A few dozen students ranging from those in their second year to those in their fourth year take this course which deals with various issues relating to economic law. Economic law may be something that is not so well known, but the Antitrust Act is at the center of this.

In this seminar, various issues are addressed, including private monopoly problems relating to the Antitrust Act, as well as corporate mergers and cartels. Investigations take place centered on the students with the judgments of the Fair Trade Commission as the basis. While it goes without saying that students come to understand the content, there is also analysis with an approach that is completely different to that of the judgments of the Fair Trade Commission (unlawful authorization etc.). This is an economic law seminar, so while looking at cases involving the Antitrust Act, there are also many chances to come into contact with related laws, such as the Copyright Act and Patent Act. The teacher treats with great care the point that this is a student-centered seminar and there is active debate every time down to the finest interpretations of the provisions in the various laws.

I have been participating in this seminar since when I was in the 2nd year, but because the Antitrust Act has a very wide range of interpretation, I still face many challenges even now. When comparing the law provisions and cases that become the point in question, while the requirements are simple, determining which actions are in violation of the act is difficult. However, this is certainly worth doing. Moreover, it is important to understand the various technical terms in each case, and it is possible to understand everything down to a company's area of business and the structure of the industry it is in.

In this seminar, a variety of companies come up in the topics. Looking at the names of companies at the time of job hunting brings to mind the information we have looked at in this seminar. When learning the Antitrust Act, students come into contact with details about the business activities of companies. Moreover, current issues are major aspects of the Antitrust Act, so it will be very interesting for students who are preparing for employment to study the Act. The Tsuchida Seminar is a place where it is possible to research and study these issues over a period of time.

A group photo of the joint debate held once a year