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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Managerial Accounting Workshop
~Managerial accounting plus self-growth~

Kentaro Amuro
2nd year student at the Graduate School of Accountancy

From recent news items to proverbs. The atmosphere in Professor Suzuki's class, which takes up a wide range of topics, is also peaceful.

This managerial accounting workshop was presented in a manner comparatively close to a lecture. Because of the attentive guidance given, even beginners could feel assured in taking the course. But an interesting side to the course is that, if you have knowledge in, of course managerial accounting, mathematics and statistics, you can understand the content more deeply. The lecture hypothesizes "decision making" and "performance assessment" scenes that confront business practices in many companies, and think of the most suitable choice for the company from a "managerial accounting" perspective, and approach the final target by gradually solving the questions given both logically and mathematically. It's no exaggeration to say that you will have the invigorating feeling when the final conclusion has you understand "Why is it like that?" and "Why is that the most suitable selection?"

A special feature of this course is that when someone solves a problem, they are given the opportunity to give a presentation, and the points for their observations are added to their grade. That is one of the attractive parts of this course. This may be seen often in junior and senior high school lessons, but this kind of lecture is rare in graduate school, and I think it is a great privilege. In a world where importance has been placed on communication skills and positive attitudes recently, you can test your true skills by putting to full use your accumulated knowledge in front of others. It also leads to an improvement of presentation skills.

In this lesson taken by Professor Takanori Suzuki, recent movements in the accounting world are, of course, presented, and during the lectures, metaphors and proverbs, current news items and slightly fanatical topics are also touched upon. Being able to listen to an easy-to-follow lecture without growing weary is also one of the main attractions of this course. Taking this course, which doesn't just offer specialist knowledge, but one where you can gain a wide sphere of knowledge, is a great asset to my life.