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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

" Media, Body and Image Theory Lecture 8"
The significance of thinking about "Body"

Tomonori Kusaka
1st year student in the Master's Program of the Studies of Media, Body and Image of the Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Professor Futoshi Sakauchi, who adds humour to his lessons

If you were to describe the content dealt with in "Media, Body and Image Theory Lecture 8" in one word, it would be "body expression theory." To describe it in more detail, it is the study where you think about how the human body is expressed or transformed not only in works of art such as theatre and film, but also in scientific fields where cyborgs and artificial intelligence are continually being developed.

Currently, we are reading through Barbara Stafford's Body Criticism and studying the historical aspects of how the invisible parts of the body become visible. As well as knowing that body expression and standards in 17th and 18th century art, while changing in shape and form, exist today, I think we have been able to acquire the necessary perspectives to consider body expression.

There are about 10 students in the class. Being a small class, the atmosphere is more that of a seminar than of a lecture. It is a representation・media theory class, but there are many students from the Theatre and Film Arts course, as well as students taking it as a single subject. In the lesson, the person in charge for that lesson summarizes each chapter and gives a presentation in line with their own research topic. Reading English literature and giving a presentation is quite a hard task, but each student gives a presentation from a different perspective every time so it is highly stimulating.

Professor Futoshi Sakauchi is in charge of the course. He is well-versed in a diverse range of areas such as, of course theatre and dance, and literature, film, animation, and cartoons, and adds thoughtful and careful commentary for every student who have different research topics. There are also times when he gives humorous commentary on the films we use as reference materials. But the content of the lectures is of an extremely high level and there are many times when I am painfully aware that I cannot completely comprehend the level of the lectures, but it can be said that that is one of the reasons why I devote myself to my research.

There is a seminar-like atmosphere to the lectures