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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

“Special Lecture in Education Clinical Psychology”
~taking into account cultural, social and historical viewpoints~

Misako Kobayashi
2nd year student at the Graduate School of Human Sciences

Professor Jun Kanno (Faculty of Human Sciences)

"Special Lecture in Education Clinical Psychology" is an extremely stimulating lecture with over 240 students enrolled (from 1st year undergraduates to graduate school students) which is based on cases from educational and psychological themes such as "social withdrawal", "aggression and crime", and "therapy".

Cases taken up in the lecture are mainly social issues involving the same generation as the students (university students). As well as being introduced to reference books and materials related to the cases, we also watch news and documentary clips and films from the time. The background the individual in question was raised in, home environment and disposition are focused on and explained. Also, by looking over the cultural and historical aspects of the issues, you can get a deeper understanding of what makes up the various people, individuals and personalities in the world, as well as relations between oneself and others, self-realization and living. The numerous social issues, which were once thought of as impossible to understand through fear of "insanity", become issues close to the students as products of culture, society and history.

A full house for the lecture in the large theatre

Such issues become the theme of the lecture and reports on those topics are assigned twice in a half-year course. A few of the submitted reports are later introduced. Even though the theme is the same, by sharing various approaches and opinions, be they critical, empathetic or sympathetic, all the students can reconfirm that everybody has a different personality and was raised in a different background to each other.

It is important to ponder matters close to you as well as looking at them from a distance. Don't get caught up in the information ideologies and emotions overflowing in modern society. Draw your own conclusions by calmly and intelligently thinking over the wide range of views, and you can learn the importance of making your own outline clear.

As the number of lessons piles up, the large theatre fills up from the front. With the warm, alluring tone of Professor Kanno's lectures, one can understand what brings in these students. I think that even 15 classes of this lecture, which generously provides a wide range of knowledge, aren't enough.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)