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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Sports Psychophysiology
~Clarifying the correlation between mind and body~

Shiho Kanehashi
2011 Graduate from School of Sport Sciences

Professor Katsuo Yamazaki (Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)

The course in sports psychophysiology attempts to clarify the correlation between mind and body in sports by manipulating the emotional variables of human beings and assessing the resultant physiological changes as dependent variables. Specifically, the course explains and interprets momentarily changing emotions by using physiological indexes such as brainwaves, ocular motion, heartbeat, respiration, pulse waves, electrodermal activity and electromyograms.

Furthermore, students in this course are able to study based on specific research cases. For example, students in the course study about the familiar topic of sleep, a behavior which is essential to us human beings. Most people probably believe that performance will be positively affected by sleeping for a long time, say about 9 to 10 hours. However, in reality, sleeping for a long time causes a decrease in performance during the day. Students also study about why sleep is necessary. There are a variety of theories regarding the necessity of sleep and it is an extremely interesting topic. Furthermore, regarding brain activity, emotional areas of the brain become more active in women when subjects are instructed to discuss a sad topic. The variety of differences between men and women is also of great interest. For example, in the case of the pupil and blinking, men and women show different reactions even when viewing the same object. A feature of this course is that students are able to study a wide range of topics, from the familiar topics discussed above to specialized areas unique to the School of Sport Sciences.

Attachment of electrodes for measuring brainwaves

I decided to enroll in this sports psychophysiology course because I was interested in the connection between the human mind and body. Also, I personally have played sports for many years and wanted to acquire knowledge which I could utilize in competition.

This course enables students to acquire knowledge which is useful not only in sports but also in daily life. I find the field of sports psychophysiology to be extremely interesting, and I recommend this course to both competitive athletes and to students who are interested in the relationship between mind and body.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)