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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

"Budgetary System"
~Studying organizations through the budget~

Yayoi Suga
1st year student at the Okuma School of Public Management

Professor Mari Kobayashi

In "Budgetary System" you learn about various budget management methods and think about the function of the budgetary system. This is a valuable lecture which takes up the theme of budgetary system, and you can statistically learn the functions and theory of those systems. These lessons progress in an easy-to-follow manner where we learn methods centered on American examples such as program budgets, zero base budgets and performance based budgets, and adapt them to a vast array of actual budget compilations, spending, and topics of Japanese administration and foundations.

In the case of a full-time working student such as myself, there were many times when I listened to the lectures while picturing the actual operation and budget preparation of the company where I work. To me, where I only know the operations of my current workplace, I was made aware of the many budget compilation and management methods available. Also, in these lectures, I had the opportunity to hear about the fiscal system and advisory council through the professor's experience as a council member. This was something I could only get here and was extremely useful.

Scene of the gentle mood in the lessons

This year's "Budgetary System" only had seven students and was conducted in a gentle atmosphere where you could ask questions during the lesson when you wanted to know something in more detail. The lessons were always extended due to the controversial nature of the questions, and I am extremely grateful to Professor Kobayashi for kindly sticking with us.

A budget is a plan with money. This lecture is crammed with hints to compile a suitable budget in order to achieve the mission of an organization. I thoroughly recommend this class to everyone, of course students who plan on being public officials or working in public institutions, regardless of whether you are a taxpayer watching carefully to see if the taxes you pay are being used effectively, a working adult, or a student.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)