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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Learning through panel discussions and sport

Asami Hayashi
4th year student at the School of Law Chief secretary of the Oumi Seminar

Seminar lesson content

At the graduation dinner (29th graduating class March 2010)

At the moment a total of 31 3rd and 4th year students are enrolled in the Koji Oumi Seminar and take part in seminar activities run by Professor Oumi once a week. A usual seminar session will involve debate about specific issues in a panel discussion format.

A number of students are divided into Affirmative and Negative teams, and along with both sides delivering their assertions, questions and opinions vigorously come from the floor so everybody can join in the discussion. In this way, the debate is formed from three directions, the Affirmative, the Negative and the Audience, and because one issue can be tackled from various perspectives, the parameters of the discussion rapidly expand.

Also, because you need to deliver your opinion quickly and straight to the point, you foster the skills to utilize knowledge and convey your message to your audience. Deepening legal discussion with this panel discussion format is a special feature of the Oumi Seminar.

Before the actual debate takes place, seminar students repeatedly get together to talk the topic over. What is the point of dispute? What kind of assertions can they make? What theories and precedents are there? Students investigate from scratch and contribute their opinions, receiving guidance from the 4th year students in areas where they lack the legal knowledge. By cooperating with each other, the students can deepen their own knowledge.

Other activities

Joint debate with Hiroshima University (June 2009)

Joint debates take place in the spring with Hiroshima University, and with Doshisha University in the winter. As well as being a chance to test the results of our usual activities, we can boost relations with students from other universities, making it an extremely worthwhile event. At the same time, being able to do sightseeing in Kyoto and Hiroshima every year makes it very attractive.

Also, at our twice yearly seminar camps, we engage in various sports such as tennis and softball in the summer in Karuizawa, and skiing in Oze in the winter. Beginners are also taught kindly by the professor so the unity and cooperative spirit in the seminar is further strengthened through these camps.

With the study centered around the Oumi Seminar panel discussions and the various sports activities, you can really experience "literary arts and sports." This wonderful seminar is unique and one in which I am proud of.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)