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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Sport Biomechanics
—Pursuit of motion in sports

Ai Toyoda
2nd year student at the School of Sport Science

Professor Toshimasa Yanai, Faculty of Sport Science

“How to throw a baseball farther.” Sport biomechanics is the subject researching the relations among the body, an object, and force. It seems to some people, including me, that biomechanics is difficult. But, it is important to “understand its theory.” Under this policy, Professor Toshimasa Yanai gives a lecture in an understandable way. His seminar attracts many students, because his lecture is easy to understand and charismatic. The contents of his lecture include walking, running, jumping, throwing, batting, and swimming. If you like sports, you will certainly be interested in some contents.

The attractiveness of this class is that you can immediately apply what you have learned in this class to your sports. Since the research theme is directly related to the improvement in sports skills, many students listen to his lecture eagerly. The mechanisms of vague intuitive items are quantified and clarified, and so it is interesting. In addition, many videos and slow-motion works are introduced, to foster our imagination and help us grasp them as familiar phenomena.

In many cases, the analysis of motion contributes to the identification of the cause of sports disorders. For example, how much does the motion of a pitcher impose stress on the shoulder and elbow of the pitcher? When checking the motion of each joint with an ultra-slow-motion movie, we find that some joint is bended abnormally. The reason why the joint is bended so much is explained in his lecture.

In his class, a “reaction sheet” is distributed every time. In this sheet, students can write their questions about the contents of the class, etc., and Professor Yanai answers the questions carefully at the next class. If you attend his class while having purposes and questions, such as “How to improve performance in sports,” you will feel that the class is much more interesting. I can recommend this class to all of those who like sports, including athletes and trainers.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)