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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Business Philosophy Seen From "Corporate Governance."

Yusuke Matsuno
4th year Student at the School of Commerce.

I am studying corporate law in Professor Nobuo Nakamura's seminar. We cover a wide area such as how companies run their business from a legal viewpoint to problems in the current company law system. As Professor Nakamura's seminar is the only one in the School of Commerce dealing with law, it holds an extremely novel existence. Coming from a legal viewpoint, it offers a different opening from the "management" and "economics" we have studied so far, and gives study a fresh feeling. And I think being able to study the laws that make the framework of businesses economic activities carries great importance.

To add, I took the "Creating and Improving New Generation Corporate Governance and Company Values" course because you can hear directly from people active at the forefront of business activities. In lessons and seminars, we get information on companies by looking over newspaper articles and documents, and homepages, but there are many hard to understand areas in writing alone. On that point, this course invites actual businessmen to give lectures, and we can listen to them face-to-face. And if we have any queries, we can question them directly in the allocated question time. Through this we can make new discoveries into the state of affairs of business management.

Also, these businessmen possess various philosophical views borne from their experience. Because of that, this course provides a great opportunity for students who are going to enter the working world to earn valuable points and hints from businessmen who have gained superficial training through their lives. At the end of each lecture, the presenter gives a message to the students, and although short, it is very convincing.

At the moment I am in the middle of my job hunting activities. At company explanatory meetings, many times I can get a fair idea of company images from the staff, but by listening to the ideas of the top people in this course, I can paint myself a more concrete picture of the company image and climate. It also got me interested in business categories that I never used to have an interest in. It is actually a fact that I also had reservations toward job-hunting. It can truly be said that this seminar is beneficial to all students who are ready for job-hunting activities.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)