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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Finding the key to “Life Education” through experience

Koji Yamazaki
2nd year major in advanced teaching practice at the Graduate School of Teacher Education

“Why must people kill one another?” “What is life?”
How would you answer these questions if asked by a child? Would you be able to explain to them the importance of life from the outset? In this course, we are forced to think about these problems face on. At times, it is necessary for teachers to say straight out that “bad things are bad.” But I do not believe it is right to push aside questions such as, “Why are these things bad?” “Life education” is precisely about how we can tackle the “why” questions posed by children.

The key points to this course are how we connect with various people from different generations, the miracle of our present being, the pleasure gained from the concept of “I'm glad to be alive,” and the value of life as a person. It may look good and sound easy when put into words, but words alone are meaningless. The true meaning lies in the process of facing hardship and worry while trying to find an answer through “experience” and “feeling.”

We are provided with many “experiences,” even in the classroom. Since we place importance on how to relay to children what we have experienced, we are able to feel “life” as an extremely serious problem of our own, not glossing over the facts. In a relaxed atmosphere with small numbers, students are able to reflect deeply on the topic by exchanging their own thoughts and ideas.

In Professor Sugano's experience-orientated classes, we have touched “life,” studied about “life,” and encountered various “life” practices. The abundance of practical examples provided gives huge insight into what “life” really is. I thoroughly recommend this course as you can discover, in your own way, the key to facing up to the question of “life” with children in a serious manner.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)