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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Advanced Credit Risk Modeling 〜Studying Advanced Credit Risk Management Methods〜

Jun Nagase
2nd Year Student in the Master Program of the Graduate School of Finance,
Accounting and Law

Under the theme of credit risk, this course explains models for the measurement and management of credit risk associated with entities such as corporations, real estate and individuals, while also introducing actual models based on advanced research results. The course is taught by Professor Moridaira and features practical study of a variety of modeling methods in addition to theory. Due to last year's interest rate conditions and the uncertainty of economic prospects, there is concern regarding the exposure of credit risks in financial institutions. In such an environment, a large number of employed adults studying as graduate students have enrolled in this course in order to conduct serious study of risk management.

Professor Soichiro Moridaira (Faculty of Commerce) is renowned for the sense of presence which fill his lectures.

Although the course is taught in a conventional lecture format, it is full of extremely practical information due to an explanation which contains the actual domestic and international experiences of Professor Moridaira. Even more than the material covered, the value of this course is found in Professor Moridaira's lectures, which overflow with a sense of presence. Since the Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law is attended by adult students, a "battle with sleepiness" inevitably accompanies classes which are taken after work. However, Professor Moridaira's classes feature intellectual stimulating and exciting developments which draw the students into the lecture and make the 90 minutes of class time pass in what seems like an instant. The appeal of the class should come as no surprise, for Professor Moridaira has won the "Best Teacher Award" in the Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law in two consecutive academic years, 2007 and 2008. The classrooms are packed with students for every class and there are never any empty seats. Furthermore, the course is so popular that a large number of Waseda graduates attend the classes as credited auditors.

The greatest appeal of Professor Moridaira's class is that instruction is conducted in a way which allows students to think independently and take action. This relates to how effort will open a path even for difficult endeavors. For example, the project assignment which is submitted at the end of the course requires students themselves to create a model and perform analysis. All students must take on the challenge of this project, regardless of whether or not they are amateurs in regards to credit risk management. Although it is difficult to bring the project to completion, students are able to acquire abilities which can be fully utilized during their actual work. Regardless of prior background, any person who seriously applies themselves in Professor Moridaira's course will be able to acquire knowledge regarding credit risk management. It is my hope that individuals studying at the Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law will enroll in the course of Professor Moridaira.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)