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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

-Development of LSI design personnel who are active internationally-
Seminar by Professor Satoshi Goto

Mr. Chen Zhen Xing
2nd year Student in the Doctoral Program of Graduate School of Information Production, and Systems, System LSI Field

"Focus on the big picture but start by working on the small details." Professor Satoshi Goto made this statement during an opening address for a research meeting of the Goto Laboratory. His statement conveyed to students the message of "work for the steady implementation of specific matters while taking care to maintain a broad perspective". Currently, a total of 30 members are affiliated with the Goto Laboratory, including 2 Visiting Lecturers, 11 doctoral students and 17 master's students. At the laboratory, Professor Goto works tirelessly to conduct research for world-leading LSI systems and places focus on the important role of personnel development. The Professor also gives instruction that extends to extremely detailed areas such as counseling for each student regarding their education, research, and personal lifestyle. The most distinctive feature of the laboratory is that 29 of the 30 members are foreign exchange students. A large number of the members come from leading foreign universities such as Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and all of the lectures and research instruction are conducted in English.

A system has been established at the laboratory to support education and research in accordance with the growth of students. During the first term (1 year), each student gains experience in actually constructing LSI. Then, beginning from the second period, students are required to hold presentations and group discussions 4 times per year in regard to research results. During presentations, each student is expected to introduce original results and to refine contents to the degree that presentation is possible at an international conference. During group discussions, all members deliberate on the prospects of the latest movements and themes. Every year, the laboratory generates articles for more than 10 English academic journals and conducts presentations at 40 international conferences. All students, including Master's students, are required to present a thesis at an international conference during their period of study. As a result of this experience, almost all students graduating from the Goto Laboratory are able to gain employment at the corporations or research institutions of their choice. Furthermore, graduating students have been praised by corporations for their immediate contributions to research and their high-level of presentation skills.

In addition to the regular welcome parties, farewell parties and year-end parties, everyday life at the Goto Laboratory also includes frequent discussions with a great number of individuals visiting from both within Japan and from overseas. For students, it is extremely appealing to have the opportunity to speak directly with world-famous researchers and corporate executives, all while studying in Kita-Kyushu.
Please visit the following website if you are interested in the Goto Laboratory: http://www.f.waseda.jp/goto/

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