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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Education Development and International Cooperation in Developing Countries -An Environment Providing Real Experience in Globalism-

Ms.Momoko Kinoshita
2nd year student in the Master Program of Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies

The Kuroda Seminar, which is led by Professor Kazuo Kuroda, deals with international cooperation in education development and education fields in developing countries. In regards to this subject, each seminar student works under the instruction of the Professor to establish his or her own research theme and research method. The research results and research orientation are then presented at the seminar. Personally, I am currently researching the potential of international education cooperation by Japan in the fields of school management and school evaluation. My activities include conducting future-oriented research by reviewing previous literature pertaining to my target field and visiting an elementary school in Hiroshima to perform field work. There are also many members of this seminar who travel overseas in order to conduct interviews, observation, and questionnaire surveys.

A presentation is given by 1 or 2 students each seminar. All seminar students participate in debate and comment on the contents of the presentations. Since this seminar is intended to prepare students for writing their master's theses, even 1st year students participate in debate regarding the master's theses of students in higher grades. This allows the 1st year students to acquire a broad range of knowledge and to study research methods.

The Kuroda Seminar is a large seminar, with a total of 20 affiliated students. The background and position of the students is varied, including students who have worked at ordinary businesses, students who have served as national public employees, and students who were members of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers.

Rich internationalism is a feature of the Kuroda Seminar, with foreign exchange students composing over half of the students in the seminar. Exchange students come from a wide range of countries throughout the world such as Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, America and Australia. Therefore, one seminar in Japanese and one seminar in English are held every week. Almost all of the seminar students participate in two seminars per week.

Furthermore, the fields of research surveys by students cover a wide range of areas from Japan and other Asian countries to distant Africa. Many of the seminar students conduct research by engaging in short-term foreign study at overseas graduate schools or apply themselves to internship activities at international cooperative organizations or NGOs. There are also opportunities to participate in overseas academic conferences. A total of over 20 seminar students participated in an academic conference that was held in America in March of this year. Additionally, more than 10 students participated in an international conference that was held in Bangkok in July, and each of the students gave a research presentation. The Kuroda Seminar enables students to conduct global research activities in a rich international environment.

Seminar activities are also conducted through partnerships with other schools. Every year, a joint research presentation conference entitled "International Education Development Forum" is held in cooperation with Nagoya University and Kobe University. Exchange is also performed with Hiroshima University. These exchanges enable students to create a contact network within individuals working on the same themes. Also, students acquire broad knowledge by learning about the research of other schools. This academic year's "International Education Development Forum" will be held at Waseda University at the end of October. I hope that interested persons will attend the forum and experience the Kuroda Seminar.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)