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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Wrestling Style Training Basic
-Taking a class taught by professional fighter Mr. Takanori Gomi-

Mr. Kotaro Tanaka
1st year Student at the School of Social Sciences

This class is an open course conducted by Professor Masahiro Sugiyama of the Faculty of Commerce and by Coach Takuya Ota of the Wrestling Club. The class uses wrestling training to improve the physical conditioning of students and to instill students with wrestling skills.

Currently, there are 14 students enrolled in the class. Some of the students have experience in combative sports and some do not. All of the students listen attentively to the instruction given by Coach Ota and actively participate in the class. Students help teach each other movements and techniques which are difficult at first, and I feel that everyone has improved rapidly through friendly competition with each other. I am always impressed by positive attitude and effort displayed by my classmates, and the class has been an extremely stimulating for me as a competitive athlete.

A commemorative photograph taken after class. Coach Ota is on the far right of the front row and Mr. Gomi is 3rd from the right. The author of this article is on the far left of the back row.

On June 2nd, professional fighter Mr. Takanori Gomi was invited to teach a special class. Students asked a flurry of questions about intricate techniques, as well as specialized questions regarding combative sports. When asked by a student to teach the most effective fighting technique, he quickly replied that fundamentals and basics are the most important things even for the strongest fighter. Also, the class was made even more exciting when Mr. Gomi spoke about episodes that are unimaginable from the scenes seen on television. One surprising example is that even a fighter as strong as Mr. Gomi becomes timid before a match and thinks of going home.

Next, one-on-one practice was held. I watched as my classmates daringly challenged Mr. Gomi countless times. In this way, not only physical strength and technique, but also the experience of being taught directly by a professional fighter like Mr. Gomi will definitely be a plus for me later in life.

By participating in this class, I was able to engage in wrestling from a different perspective than usual and I had the opportunity to learn a great deal. I want to work hard in order to apply the lessons learned in this class to my future.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)