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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Latin American Studies 2
-A Latin America which is closer than it seems-

Mr.Takayuki Morino
4th year Student at the School of Human Sciences

Latin America is positioned on the totally opposite side of the earth when viewed from Japan. Normally, we Japanese have very few opportunities to learn about Latin America.

Professor Keiko Hata, School of Human Sciences

However, Latin America actually exists in many familiar places. Some examples include Brazilian soccer, Mexican tacos, coffee brands such as Blue Mountain, and the familiar portraits of Guevara. In this course, students study a Latin America which is closer than it seems.

This course provides students with the opportunity to study how contemporary Latin America was formed. In keeping with the philosophy of the School of Human Sciences, study is conducted through a variety of perspectives such as history, politics, economics and culture. The contents are not like those found in textbooks. Rather, the course is conducted according to the Professor's original syllabus which summarizes the flow of events until the current state of Latin America. Thanks to this syllabus, the course material is fresh and easy to understand, and a surprisingly large amount of material is covered in half a semester.

In this way, the course enables students to study about the countries and regions of Latin America from a variety of perspectives. The time spent in this course is extremely meaningful and allows me to feel that I am a student of the School of Human Sciences. Also, it is a course packed with information that gives the students to acquire deep knowledge regarding Latin America.

Latin American Studies 2
-Getting to know Latin America-

Ms.Ai Okajima
2nd Year Student at the School of Human Sciences

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase "Latin America"? Truthfully, I was not able to imagine anything until I took this course. Although I had taken courses related to international issues before, I was taught with a focus on Europe and America. Fundamentally, the Japanese have a very low level of familiarity with Latin America.

The politics and economics of Latin America are completely removed from the countries of Europe and America. However, these politics and economics are studied in detail in this course, so even students without much previous knowledge can keep pace.

The greatest impression that this course left on me is the fact that many people in Latin America are struggling with the problem of poverty that is similar to Africa. Compared to Africa, the Japanese government has a low level of interest in this area and aid is also small. In truth, the issue of poverty immediately comes to mind when I hear the word "Africa", and I feel that the supply of aid to Africa is justified. Moreover, I feel that aid to Africa must be given.

However, how about the case of Latin America? Very few people are quick to raise the issue of poverty. Through this course, I gained a greater understanding of Latin America, and I was made to recognize the importance of considering our relationship with the region.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)