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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

"Current Issues in Management"?
A Seminar by Professor Kazunari Uchida
-Corporate Strategy in Modern Market Competition-

Mr.Toshiya Sakai
3rd year Student at the School of Commerce

During recent years in the business world, corporations have appeared which ignore rules that are considered to be common sense and engage in new forms of competition. The modern business environment is changing radically due to factors such as the spread of the internet and revolutionary new IT technology. Accordingly, the form of corporate competitiveness in the market has also changed greatly. In a market environment which is experiencing great changes, corporations face a new situation in which conventional frameworks of competitive strategy alone are no longer effective in regards to competition between corporations. The aim of Professor Uchida's seminar is to study practical competitive strategy appropriate for the modern business environment instead of the orthodox competitive strategy studied until now.

The seminar is conducted by Professor Kazunari Uchida, who has worked in private enterprise and who is currently active as a management consultant. Based upon his rich experience from many years as a management consultant, Professor Uchida provides accurate advice for the presentations given every class by seminar students. All of Professor Uchida's lectures stimulate the intellectual curiosity of students by addressing interesting issues. For example, how can management strategy theory, marketing strategy theory and other types of textbook theories be applied to actual business situations? Or, what kind of a gap exists between textbook theories and reality?

A single established correct answer does not exist in competitive strategy. When considering a particular problem, several different solutions can be discovered by considering different aspects. When faced with a problem with no correct answer, what dimensions should a person consider and what method of thinking should be applied to produce one's own solution? Also, how should that solution be expressed? In Professor Uchida's seminar, students do more than merely accumulate knowledge. The theme of competitive strategy is used to teach students how to think and how to express wisdom. By developing student's ability to critically view corporations and strategies, the final goal of the seminar is to instill students with practical skills that can be put to immediate use in the business world, as well as to strengthen the ability to discover and solve issues arising in a variety of fields.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)