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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

"Social Security Act" Seminar by Professor Yoshimi Kikuchi
-Actually.the Social Security Act is all around us!-

Ms.Naoko Tanaka
4th year Student at the School of Law

In the midst of an unparalleled economic recession, everyday news is broadcast regarding the layoff of temporary workers, distrust towards the National Pension, and lack of nursing care for the elderly. Although most people may be unfamiliar with the Social Security Act, all of these social problems are targets of the Social Security Act.

The seminar entitled "Social Security Act" is an extremely practical field of study which uses a legal perspective to consider the next action of legal systems which are related to modern social security. This seminar addresses questions such as how to reconstruct the pension system and what legal structure to use for the resolution of litigation of nursing care accidents which are predict to increase in the future. The seminar requires students to comprehensively apply legal knowledge in civil law, constitutional law, government legislation and other areas studied in undergraduate school.

Professor Kikuchi is an active instructor who is field-oriented. In addition to research in legal precedents and system which is performed in every seminar, field work is essential for each theme that is introduced. Students participate in onsite observations in a variety of areas. For example, students go to rehabilitation centers for the homeless when studying about welfare, to special nursing care homes for the elderly when studying about nursing care for the aged, and to worksites and schools offering special support when studying about welfare service for the disabled.

Conversely, students are also provided with the opportunity to visit places such as the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, metropolitan government offices and ward offices in order to learn about the philosophy and responses of the government side. Opportunities are also created for the observation of court proceedings related to the Social Security Act which is currently being implemented, as well as the chance to receive direct explanation from lawyers.

Seminar students learn about onsite facts which are not reported by the mass media and about policy philosophy of the government. This knowledge is used as a foundation for research in legal precedents and systems, thus instilling students with a multi-faceted perspective. A variety of paths are taken by seminar students. The knowledge and legal thinking ability acquired in this seminar are applicable in any field to which a student may proceed.

In his personal life, Professor Kikuchi is a man of many hobbies. He is a fan of the Consadole Sapporo soccer team and enjoys the traditional Japanese comic monologue known as rakugo. Although he sometimes speaks passionately about social security at parties, he also teaches students regarding the manners of adults and is a person of integrity who listens attentively and gives advice to his seminar students. Professor Kikuchi's character and the friendliness of seminar students give the seminar an at-home atmosphere.

Specialized academic knowledge is not the only thing that students can gain from this seminar. They can also acquire legal thinking ability and a modern education.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)