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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Modern Democracy Theory
-What is Democracy?-

Mr.Makoto Miya
2nd year Student at the School of Political Science and Economics

In our society today, it is natural for elections to be held and for a representative of citizens to be selected. There are probably very few people who consider what kind of changes our society went through before this kind of system was realized.

Actually, only about 100 years have passed since these kinds of democratic elections first began to be held in the world.

In this class, students study both history and the present. The study of history focuses on what kind of changes democracy passed through before achieving its current form, while the study of the present focus on what kind of political systems are currently implemented in the world today. The class has an upbeat tempo, and students study a large amount of material in the 90 minutes of class time. However, Professor Tanifuji expects more from students than simply memorization of material which is taught. Students enrolled in this class are expected to apply the acquired knowledge to current political situations, and to consider their own perspectives regarding the taught material. In this class, students do not simply participate passively, but are taught to actively consider matters in order to form their own political opinions and thoughts.

The contents of the class are also very interesting. The class is sometimes taught while including current political events and satire, so students are able to study enthusiastically throughout the entire class. The Professor also gives students the opportunity to think for themselves by mixing questions into the lecture. Each opportunity to think allows students to experience the importance of participating in politics as citizens.

In addition to students from the School of Political Science and Economics, I hope that students from other schools will also take an interest in this appealing course.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)