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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Theme Collage: Irish Music-A Song for Myself

Mr.Joji Tanaka
March 2009 Graduate School of Law

Many different kinds of music exist nowadays.

In an age that overflows with so many different kinds of music, there are not many people who can quickly create an image of Irish music.

The course "Irish Music" thoroughly discusses the traditional music created and developed in Ireland. Discussion is based on the lyrics and historical background of the music.

The course follows a seminar-type format in which each student is responsible for examining the music of bands from varying historical periods. Students create Japanese translations of music recorded by these bands and comment upon each song. The contents of these comments depend upon the perspective of each student. Therefore, as long as you clearly elicit your area of interest, it is possible to use that interest as an opening for stating your opinion. In any case, as long as the student has some interest in music, a new perspective will be born.

In all countries, not only Ireland, there is no music that has been born and developed without being subject to external influences. At the very least, the form of such music has been altered by some influence in accordance with transitions in history. The music of Ireland has also interacted with countries which are the birthplace of global music, such as America. For this very reason, it is possible to find common points with your current area of musical interest. In other words, Irish music is used as a medium to further deepen ones interest in music. The instructor of the course is familiar with other musical genres such as rock, blues and jazz, and explains shared aspects between these genres and Irish music.

Each person has there own way of enjoying music. However, I believe that this enjoyment can be broadened by having an interest in many different things. More than anything, by thinking about a certain genre of music, a person can discover what kind of music is important to them and what songs they want to treasure. Such songs will become important songs to a person. I hope that you will participate in this open course and gain the opportunity to discover music which you want to treasure.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)