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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Raises Your Health Consciousness by"Salutogenesis"!,
Which Allows you to learn both On-Demand Lecture and Physical Training!

Mr.Shôhei Fukumoto and Mr.Takayuki Shikano
3rd year Students at the School of Law

"Salutogenesis" is an omnibus-style on-demand course in which, each week, health-related lectures are uploaded to Course N@vi for students to watch. These lectures are replete with a wide variety of health-promotion information, including ways to prevent lifestyle diseases, stress management, effective weight training and workout tips and the best foods to eat before competitions.

These lectures also have hands-on elements. One day, everyone assembled in exercise clothes and our class coordinator, Professor Masashige Suzuki, instructed us in his "Rice Bag Dumbbell Exercise" routine. As the name suggests, this exercise routine uses special bags of rice as weights. Professor Suzuki was most kind and helpful in this lesson, but, although the title of this routine might make it sound easy, it was anything but. When you go to it, after fifteen minutes you've worked up quite a lather. We were made painfully aware of our place among our fellow university students, as we have all gotten a reputation lately for being undisciplined and unconcerned with our health. This regimen was hard. Halfway through, we thought we were going to have to pull up short. But Professor Suzuki used lots of encouragement, leavened with some jokes, to help us reach the end.

Twelve different kinds of exercises are packed into this routine. Not only is it great for toning up, of course, but it also works to stimulate the internal organs, making it an effective way to relieve constipation. The trick is to hold the rice bags with a firm grip, bending your wrists in towards you. Doing so will bring you all the grueling training you can handle at each step along the way.

Not only this, but by leaning your torso forwards and lightly bending your knees into a half-squatting position, your lower body gets as much of a workout as your upper body does. Professor Suzuki tells us that this is a form of exercise that you can do throughout your whole life, regardless of your age. He emphasized that one of the things that makes this exercise so great is that it can be performed not only by young people - who are so desperately in need of a workout-but also by the elderly. Professor Suzuki himself once weighed more than 90 kilograms, but through diet and exercise he's now down to less than 80, making him living proof that the Rice Bag Dumbbell routine works. It was a wonderful experience to be able to learn this Rice Bag Dumbbell Exercise-"Fifteen Minutes a Day to Success!" (Even some famous people are rumored to be trying it...)

Before we tried this hands-on exercise class, we measured our body composition, which let us know exactly what kind of shape we were in. We were made to feel all-too-keenly just how much we had let ourselves go in our day-to-day lives. Because we were shown these numerical data just before beginning our workout, we were even more motivated than ever to get fit.

Because "Salutogenesis" is both on-demand and hands-on, we were a bit confused at first. Looking back, though, this class was the most rewarding of the entire semester. Hands-on training took place twice, with body composition measurements on each occasion. We were determined to get better results the second time than the first. Why not try out this class for yourself?


This on-demand course was developed based upon Waseda University's "Healthy Campus Initiative," and aims to incorporate the elements of exercise, healthy eating habits, medical care and mental and emotional well-being. Professor Masashige Suzuki, along with five other professors, give lectures on a wide range of topics, from health promotion and immune-system boosting to eating habits and stress management, all based upon the theme of "Health Management".

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)