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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Alumni Association Donation Course "Getting to Know Waseda"

"An eternal brilliance that transcends time and space."

Professor Junichi Kasai
Coordinator, Faculty of Sport Sciences

When encountering an eternal brilliance that transcends time and space, it is natural for people to desire to join with that brilliance, soak in that brilliance, and become one with that brilliance. There are many people who have had their hearts touched and been mesmerized by the atmosphere of Waseda, our school song, Okuma Auditorium, Waseda sports, and Waseda culture. These people are not limited to alumni alone.

There are a surprisingly large number of students who enter Waseda without knowledge of elements such as our university's atmosphere. However, if these students can become aware of these elements after entering our university, and if they can make the most of the elements in the midst of their student life, I believe that there are immeasurable benefits to be obtained.

"Getting to Know Waseda" uses an omnibus format to cover themes such as the following: Shigenobu Okuma, founder of Waseda University; Azusa Ono, who received absolute trust from Okuma and is known as "Waseda's founding mother"; Iso Abe, who was Waseda's first Athletic Director and was a friend to the weak and disadvantaged; Waseda University vs. Keio University sporting events, which are among the greatest sporting events in Japanese university athletics, Waseda's school song, Waseda's history and influential persons, Keio University and Waseda University, Doshisha University and Waseda University, robots, politics and Waseda, literature and Waseda, and Wasedians (Waseda students).

I hope that this course allows students to become people who shed sweat, tears, and blood for the good of the world and the good of mankind (a quote of former university President Okushima). I also hope that the course allows students to grasp the background of pride that exists in studying at Waseda University.

Attending during a first term lecture.

Instilling the Waseda spirit into robots.

Masahito Odakura
2nd Year Student, School of Political Science and Economics

"Getting to Know Waseda" is an open subject of the Alumni Association Donation Course, and is held to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Waseda University's founding. The course is held under the supervision of Coordinator Junichi of the Faculty of Sports Science.

This course has two main objectives. The first is the study of broad themes such as the "founding spirit" of individuals who were involved in the founding of Waseda, the accomplishments of successors who inherited that "founding spirit", and the development of Waseda as we greet our 2nd century of activity after passing through the 125 years since our founding. The second objective is to establish an identity as a "true Wasedian" by participating in the Waseda vs. Keio baseball classic, which is one of the events where the "Waseda spirit" is roused to the fullest.

Of course, since I enjoy baseball, I went to cheer for Waseda's baseball team on every game during the Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League season. At these games, I threw my arms on the shoulders of my friends and members of the booster club, singing songs such as "Konpeki no Sora (Deep Blue Sky)" and the Waseda school song. Such moments are irreplaceable to me, as I clearly felt the heightening of my own Waseda spirit. The contents of the "Getting to Know Waseda" course allow students to vividly sense the same passionate Waseda spirit from the instructors.

The course is conducted in an omnibus format, and a variety of instructors speak passionately regarding their own theme during each class. These instructors include even Waseda University President Katsuhiko Shirai and Keio University Professor Keita Yamauchi. Among the classes, there was even a distinctive plan for all members of the class and the booster club to assemble on the stage of Okuma Auditorium at the end of the class and sing the Waseda school song together.

Professor Atsuo Yamada of the School of Creative Science and Engineering served as the instructor for the class held on June 26th. He conducted a lecture on the theme of "Robot Science of Waseda University". Professor Yamada explained that Waseda University is a leader in robotics research, particularly in humanoid robotics research, not only in Japan but also throughout the world. He introduced pictures of robots during his lecture so that the contents were easy to comprehend even for students with no knowledge of robotics.

By participating in these lectures, I once again felt that an important mission of current Waseda students is to inherit the Waseda spirit of our predecessors and to convey this spirit to the next generation. In order to fulfill this mission, each current Waseda student must first recognize that "I am a Wasedian". I personally feel that, more than ever before, I was able to clearly affirm my status as a Wasedian. I hope that students who are considering future enrollment will learn Waseda's school song and "Konpeki no Sora (Deep Blue Sky)" and experience the feeling of togetherness at places such as Jingu Stadium. I am sure that you too will feel your own Waseda spirit.

Attendance during a second term lecture.

Students gain more affection towards Waseda through "Getting to Know Waseda".

Hiroyuki Ishikawa
1st Year Student, School of Sport Sciences

This course enables students to become familiar with Waseda University from a variety of perspectives, including our university's history, university founder Shigenobu Okuma, "founding mother" Azusa Ono, the legendary Waseda vs. Keio games of the Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League, our baseball team's first coach Suishu Tobita, and the origins of our school song.

Personally, from a young age, I was exposed to the balance of scholastics and sports at Waseda University. I saw not only scholastics, but also a variety of sports such as baseball, rugby, and long-distance relay races. I liked this balance and strongly wished to enter the School of Sports Sciences at Waseda University. Therefore, this course is very appealing to me, and I did not hesitate to enroll in the course the moment that I learned of its existence.

When I actually participated in the course, it satisfied all of my expectations. Every class features passionate discourse regarding Waseda University given by instructors that possess deep understanding of and deep connection with Waseda. These instructors include former President Takayasu Okushima, as well as Renzo Ishii, who served as coach during the legendary Waseda vs. Keio six-game series. In particular, the lectures given by instructors Okushima and Ishii left me with a lasting impression. I was deeply impressed by the words spoken by Okushima during his lecture, that "for the good of the world and the good of mankind, members of Waseda must shed sweat, tears, and sometimes even blood". Also, I was on the verge of tears at the sight of Ishii giving an emotional account of his memories with Suisho Tobita, and his statement that "I am truly glad that I entered Waseda". By taking this course, I became aware of many things for the first time, such as the fact that Shigenobu Okuma and Yukichi Fukuzawa were friends that were close enough to associate together with their families.

Currently, I can't help looking forward to each week's class. I strongly recommended enrolling in this course to people who like Waseda, people who are interested in Waseda, and people who want to learn more about Waseda.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)