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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

"Advanced Italian": Abbiamo passione per l'Italia-Enamored with Italy!

Ms. Akie Kohiyama
4th Year Student at the School of Letters, Arts and Sciences I

The Advanced Italian course is held in the 2nd period of Thursdays at the Toyama Campus. The number of students studying Italian has increased in conjunction with increased interest in the various appealing aspects of Italian culture, such as cuisine, fashion, soccer, movies, and art. As a result of this situation, this course was newly established in the 2006 academic year. At just under 10 students, the number of students enrolled in the course this term is small. However, there is a wide variety in the type and ages of the students, ranging from 2nd year students to graduate school students in the doctoral program.

The most appealing aspect of this course is an atmosphere that is so cheerful and open that it almost seems out of place in a university course. According to students who have the experience of studying abroad in Italy, it is almost like a course at an Italian school. Every class consists of listening and speaking practice performed through cooperation among the students, with a focus on small groups involving 2 or 3 people. As a result, students naturally develop familiar relationships. Particularly in foreign language courses, it may be difficult for students to express themselves due to their worrying about pronunciation or their fear of mistakes. However, in this course, everyone is relaxed in asking questions and giving their opinion, and the classroom is always filled with laughter.

The character of instructor Ms. Laura Sabattoli is largely responsible for creating this relaxed atmosphere. Instructor Sabattoli interacts with students as if they were friends, calling everyone by their first name. She also takes care to thoroughly understand questions from students and give detailed explanations. Instructor Sabattoli is also kind and often makes students laugh with her jokes. She is a wonderful instructor who is well versed in Japanese culture.

However, more is offered than just a friendly and pleasant course. Each individual student possesses an extremely high consciousness towards the study of Italian language, culture, and history. As a result, the class is an opportunity for active exchange of information that reflects the interest of each individual. Such exchanges take place through the borrowing and lending of Italian music CDs, invitations to specialized lectures and research seminars, and presentations made by students who have actually studied abroad in Italy regarding their experiences while overseas.

Personally, I hope to study Italian literature in graduate school. While enjoying this course, I am able to acquire a deeper understanding of the fundamental Italian that will be needed for my further studies. Venite e studiamo insieme l'italiano ! (Come and study Italian together with us!)

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)